Welk Resorts Creates New Ownership Enhancement Department in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, AZ (Welk Resorts Ownership Enhancement Department) March 22, 2010 — Welk Resorts is proud to announce the creation of its all-new Ownership Enhancement Department located in Pheonix, Arizona. This emerging department will take over the responsibilities of the Telesales Department and satisfy owner inquiries regarding upgrade of ownership points and conversions. Inquiries regarding points upgrades and conversions should be referred to the Ownership Enhancement Department at the number below.

The Welk Ownership Enhancement Department is excited to be located in Phoenix, Arizona. This department will work closely with the Owner Services Department to provide our Owners the best vacation experience possible.

This Department commenced business in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday, February 1, 2010. Please direct any questions to the Ownership Enhancement Department at 888.587.0064.
We are very excited to welcome this new team to Welk Resorts.