NC Times | Nov. 12, 2010
By Jeff Frank

For Marine Sgt. Justin Cory, his accommodations this week are a huge step up from pervious billets in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Cory is getting the VIP treatment at Welk Resorts this week, thanks to retired Marine Col. Bud Lewis (not the Carlsbad mayor). This Lewis, an Arizona resident, found himself with a timeshare week he couldn’t use.

He called fellow retired Marine, Maj. Glenn Ferguson to see if he could find a way for a service member, preferably a Marine, to be able to take advantage of the resort week. A call by Ferguson to the Wounded Warrior Foundation made it happen.

Cory was reached Thursday on the fifth home one of the resort’s golf courses. Welk officials set him up with free playing privileges, tickets to the resort’s Thursday show and a meeting with the star, Tom Netherton. He also got a tour of the resort and tickets to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, among other goodies.

“It’s fantastic. This place is amazing,” said Cory, enjoying the week of R&R with his wife, Kayle and son, Patrick, 3. “This is very nice. We never get stuff like this, especially in the infantry. This is definitely a nice change of pace.”

Cory, an infantry squad leader, suffered combat injuries during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s stationed with the Wounded Warrior Battalion in San Diego and is looking forward to getting back to his unit for a future deployment.

That is, if they can figure out a way to get him out of the resort.

“They’ll probably have to evict me from my villa. It’s got a kitchen, a washer and dryer and a Jacuzzi tub. I’ve never stayed anywhere like this before,” he said.