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Flexible Timeshare Ownership Plans

Your Vacation, Your Way

Trying to figure out how to afford this year’s much-needed vacation? It seems like hotel rates rise year after year and every vacation is more expensive than the last. Not only that, but hotel quality really varies – do you ever really know what you’re getting?

If you’re done with disappointing vacations, it’s time for an upgrade!

Welk Resort timeshare owners stay in luxury villas with private rooms, spacious floor plans, and unheard-of comforts,  to make everyone feel right at home. From full kitchens to ocean views to the same friendly faces year to year, our owners know their perfect vacation awaits them at Welk Resorts.

Make an investment in comfort, luxury and fun!  Not only can you count on a great vacation full of memories every time,  you’ll save over the rate of an expensive hotel room!

Become a Timeshare owner: 

  • Don’t just rent – own your dream vacation. Trade it, share it, enjoy it.
  • Visit beautiful resorts in exceptional destinations for a guaranteed dream vacation every time.
  • Lounge, spread out, and relax in spacious living areas that feel like home.
  • Say no to standard hotel rooms with limited in-room amenities.
  • Stay in a family-sized, comfortable vacation villa for the same price, year after year.
  • Enjoy exciting amenities such as golf, live entertainment and sparkling pools just outside your door.

Make Your Dreams a Reality

You don’t have to dream anymore. The fun, the family, the vacation, they’re all waiting for you. All you have to do is take the next step.

Schedule an appointment by calling us at 877-633-9406 to see first-hand how Welk Resorts can offer you the vacation of your dreams every year, year after year.

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