7 Ways to Turn Smartphone Photos into Vacation Memories

by: Welk Resorts | November 16, 2017

A good vacation has the power to bring out the photog in all of us. Unfortunately, many of our vacation photos end up forgotten on phones and cameras, never to be viewed again. Even though printing and framing pictures is the most traditional way of showcasing our favorite vacation memories, photo crafts are a fun and unique way to share trip highlights with friends and family.

Holiday Ornaments

You can infuse run-of-the-mill holiday decorations with vacation photos for a personalized touch. For a fast and simple craft, glue your picture to a colorful piece of cardstock and attach it to a hanging ribbon. If you’re up for the challenge of making a fancier ornament, buy an empty glass ornament and place a small picture inside.

Christmas ornament made from person photos

Photo by Tidy Mom

Fridge Magnets

From shopping lists to report cards, magnets keep all kinds of things adhered to your fridge. If your current magnets are feeling a little stale, adding new ones showcasing your vacation photos will breathe new life into your fridge décor.

Start by tracing the shape of a bottle cap around your photo of choice. You can also use a round craft punch for this step. Next, cut the photo and glue it on the inside of the bottle cap. Once dry, apply resin to the pictures to create a shiny finish. Finally, glue magnets on the back of your bottle caps and display the finished project on your fridge to enjoy.

If you feel more confident in your abilities, you can use glass cabochons to create more artistic photo crafts. Trace the outline of your cabochon onto the picture. Sandwich the picture between the cabochon and the magnet, using a thin layer of transparent glue to hold the pieces together. Mistakes are more visible with this type of craft, so make sure you use care to avoid folds or glue clumps in your picture.

Photo Puzzles

If your family loves puzzles, consider using vacation photos to create your own. Using another puzzle as your base, trace the outline of the puzzle onto your selected picture.

Next, cut out the pieces and glue them to the puzzle base. Unless you’re feeling ambitious and are confident in your cutting abilities, limit yourself to children’s puzzles with larger pieces—trying to create a 1000-piece puzzle out of family photos might drive you over the edge.

If you want an even simpler puzzle, use small wood blocks as your base. After gluing the blocks to your photo, cut along the gaps between the blocks to complete.

Photo puzzle

Photo by eHow

Wall Hanging

Hanging framed photos on the wall is a straightforward way to highlight your vacation memories, but with a little creativity, you can make creative wall displays that reflect your personal style.

For example, using twine or wire to create a string display across your wall makes for a unique and interesting way to show off your pictures. You can also easily swap the photos out whenever you’d like to update it.

If you want a little more complex project, paint a dowel in a colorful shade and tie a series of strings around it. Use tape to attach your photos to the strings.

Wall decoration made from vacation photos

Photo by Homeyohmy

Jar Displays

Use jars to display your photos for an interesting way to showcase your vacation memories to visitors. Start by pouring pink, white, or black sand into the bottom of a jar. Decorate your sand base with other objects like shells or plastic tropical flowers.

Using tweezers, carefully drop your vacation photo into the sand. You can create an entire centerpiece by repeating the same project with different-sized jars and additional pictures.


If you enjoy cold drinks, you understand the value of always having plenty of coasters on hand to avoid creating rings on your furniture. While just about anything can serve as a makeshift coaster, creating your own using vacation photos is a fun alternative.

Select the pictures you want to use and print them. Use a brush to apply Mod Podge to your photos then glue photos onto plain tiles. Once the adhesive is dry, you have brand new coasters.


If a room in your house could use a clock, consider creating your own using pictures. Many craft stores sell kits that come with everything necessary to make a basic clock.
Print out a photo and attach it to a thick material like foam board. Next, attach the pieces of the clock kit to your board. Paint the hands of the clock to personalize it even further.

If you have extra unused space to work with on your clock, you can arrange twelve small pictures around it, placing one at each hour-marker. For example, rather than having dinner at six o’clock, you can instead have dinner at “sunset o’clock.”

If you want to do more with your travel photos rather than simply file them away on your computer, consider trying a few of these fun crafts the whole family can participate in, giving everyone the chance to have some fun with memorable vacation stories.

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