Amazing Breweries in San Diego You Have to Try

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by: Welk Resorts | August 14, 2017

The weather is hot and few things are more refreshing and fun than visiting local craft beer breweries in America’s Finest City. San Diego, arguably the heart, start and soul of the craft beer movement, has earned quite a reputation for churning out nationally popular and boutique-turned-mainstream beer. Here are ten of our favorite craft breweries—must-visits for tourists (and locals too!).

Stone Brewing

Stone is one of the largest craft breweries in the United States, with one of their locations just up the road from Welk Resorts San Diego in Escondido. Their Escondido and Liberty Station locations have beautiful garden grounds and restaurants focusing on locally grown, small-farm ingredients. All of their breweries are a must-see for any beer enthusiast visiting the San Diego area.

Pro tip: Check out their movie nights at select locations!

One of the largest breweries in San Diego, Stone Brewing Company

Photo by SandiegoVille, located at http://www.sandiegoville.com/

Ballast Point

Ballast Point founders are driven by a passion for ingredients and the desire to explore the best techniques in beer making. The company began as a small group of homebrewers with the goal to create a better beer, and soon evolved into one of the most widely distributed local beer companies in the country. With four locations in the San Diego area, there’s something for everyone at Ballast Point. Try the Sculpin!

Ballast Point brewery in San Diego

Photo by Ballast Point, located at https://www.ballastpoint.com/locations/

The Lost Abbey

For years, the idea of the mysterious “lost” abbey-style beer was only an idea, dreamt of by founder Vince Marsaglia. Now, thanks to tasting rooms in San Marcos and Cardiff, locals and visitors alike can experience this reality, and wet their whistle with the old-fashioned, abbey-style beer.

The Lost Abbey Brewery

Photo by The Lost Abbey, located at http://lostabbey.com/locations/the-confessional/

Societe Brewing

The Societe Brewing Company Tasting Room was designed to serve beer fresh from the barrel. This is exactly how you’ll see and taste it in their tasting room, located just 30 feet away from the brewery. It’s a child- and dog-friendly day outing for families, friends, and fur babies alike.

Societe Brewing Company

Photo by Societe Brewing Instagram

Belching Beaver

Belching Beaver Brewery is all about having “a Dam good time” with their beer. The two basic fundamentals of this brewery are to 1) create a whimsical, fun beer tasting experience focused on quality craft beer, and 2) make a beer to satisfy all palates.

Pro tip: Try their beer floats, an adult version of the classic root beer float!

Belching Beaver Brewery North Park

Photo by Belching Beaver, located at http://belchingbeaver.com/locations/#northpark

Mike Hess Brewing

With a mission statement like “Brew great beer. No exceptions. No excuses.”, what you see is what you get. Visit the humble beginning of a serial entrepreneur turned craft beer aficionado at either of the San Diego tasting room locations in Miramar or North Park.

Pro tip: The tasting room in North Park keeps board games behind the counter for customers to stay entertained while enjoying their beer.

Hand holding Mike Hess beer

Photo by Mike Hess Brewing, located at http://www.mikehessbrewing.com/about-mike-hess-brewing/photo-gallery/

Saint Archer Brewery

Located in Miramar, this 33,000 square foot brewery is notorious for both incredible and authentic craft beer. The tasting room offers a deck, allowing visitors to sip on their brews while relaxing outside in San Diego’s beautiful weather. Come see for yourself why Saint Archer’s “fresh out of the tank” sips are so popular.

Saint Archer Brewery

Photo by Saint Archer Brewery Instagram

Mission Brewery

Pack a lunch and bring the whole family out to enjoy a personal tour of Mission Brewery. Originally founded in 1913, the company was re-established in 2007 and is now located just steps from Petco Park in downtown San Diego.

Mission Brewery San Diego

Photo by Mission Brewery Instagram

Green Flash Brewery

The Green Flash team is committed to a “beer first philosophy” and is constantly experimenting with new seasonal flavors and ideations to push the envelope. Known for their West Coast IPA, this brewery is a fan favorite in San Diego. Bonus points to the commenter who can identify what this brewery is named for!

Green Flash Brewing Company team

Photo by Green Flash Brewing, located at http://www.greenflashbrew.com/about/

Modern Times

Last but not least, Modern Times is a staple for lovers of session-style and hybrid beers. Named mainly after “utopian experiments and mythological utopias”, the beers are flavorful and unique. The two tasting rooms in Point Loma and North Park feature colorful, contemporary, and instagram-worthy decor with an old-time twist. And if someone in your party isn’t that into beer, check out the company-brewed coffee!

Modern Times Beer brewery

Photo by Modern Times Beer, located at http://www.moderntimesbeer.com/tasting-room/point-loma

With so many of these breweries within driving distance of each other, you can see all of them in less than a week. So book a stay at Welk Resorts San Diego and start checking off your brewery bucket list!

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