Best Tacos and Tijuana Restaurants: Your Ultimate Guide

by: Suzanna Kincaid | October 31, 2018

When you’re relaxing in sunny Southern California and craving delicious meals, you don’t need to limit your vacation to a stateside visit. With just a short drive down the freeway, the best Tijuana restaurants and tacos await for an international adventure. You only need to grab your passport and head a couple miles across the border to explore Tijuana, Mexico, and find unique sites filled with delectable food options, lots of history, and loads of fun for your trip! Read on to plan your next foodie adventure south of the border with some of the best tacos and Tijuana restaurants while you vacation in San Diego.

Mercado Hidalgo

Tijuana restaurants: Mercado Hidalgo

Photo by Tanama Tales

To find all kinds of Mexican treats and goods in one place, you need to go to the Mercado Hidalgo. Within walking distance of the border, this marketplace offers a wide array of wares for you to explore. From fresh produce, meat, and spices to cooked delicacies, candies, and freshly made cheese, you can find all kinds of delightful fare. The shops also include all kinds of souvenirs, toys, and maybe a piñata to remember your trip.

Best Tacos in Tijuana

Unsurprisingly, Tijuana has some of the best street tacos for you to keep up your energy and experience unique flavors. From established shops and food trucks to pop-up grills, the city has everything you need.

Tacos Fitos

Tijuana restaurants: Tacos Fitos

Photo by Masa Assassin

Across the street from the Mercado Hidalgo are some amazing permanent food trucks. One of these is Tacos Fitos. With a simple menu that they’ve perfected over the years, Tacos Fitos offers quick, classic staples. The slow-braised beef and tripe are recipes from Jalisco, and provide a distinct meal you can’t pass up.

Mariscos El “Concha Al”

Tijuana restaurants: Mariscos El Concha Al
Close to Mercado Hidalgo, you’ll also find Mariscos El “Concha Al”. This seafood truck serves up tasty food that focuses around one unique feature—shellfish! With amazing options like the scallop ceviche taco and tostada mixta, you can enjoy umami-laden dishes that are refreshing and memorable.

Mariscos Ruben

If you’re a fan of fish tacos, homemade salsas, and other seafood fare, you’ll fall in love with Mariscos Ruben. This mobile food truck offers delicious, fresh fish tacos that are nothing short of mouthwatering. Even better, you can find your new favorite salsa with all the homemade sauces they have to choose from!

Best Tijuana Restaurants

When looking for a more sit-down establishment in Tijuana, you can easily find whatever food you’re looking for. There are a number of Tijuana restaurants, ranging from comfortable family affairs to more formal, fine-dining establishments where you’ll find something new that you’ll love.

Misión 19

Chef Javier Plascencia has created a high-end dining experience that focuses on sustainable, organic ingredients that create one-of-a-kind dishes inspired by regional as well as international cuisines. Misión 19 provides a farm-to-table experience with fresh produce from within a 125 mile radius and meats from nearby farms that ensure proper treatment without hormones or antibiotics. This Tijuana restaurant is situated so that it offers a gorgeous view of the downtown area with an outdoor firepit, deck, and live music. If you don’t want to drive, for a small fee, Misión 19 can even arrange a shuttle service, directly from your hotel or home, to the restaurant and back. You can take it easy, kick back, and enjoy while someone else handles all the transportation worries.

Erizo Cocina de Mariscos

For a less formal dining experience, brought to you by the same genius of Chef Javier Plascencia, you should try Erizo Cocina de Mariscos. As one of our favorite Tijuana restaurants, this intimate, family-friendly establishment offers delectable fish dishes made from fish caught locally. You can enjoy all the traditional Tijuana flavors that Chef Javier loves and discover your own favorite new meal!


Caesar’s, the longest-running of all Tijuana restaurants, is said to be the birthplace of the Caesar salad as you know it. While time has passed since Caesar Cardini created this classic staple, Caesar’s in Tijuana still offers an experience, building the salad directly at your table for fun and freshness. You can also enjoy a number of other delicious, traditional dishes like Duck a la Orange surrounded by the stunning ambiance of this historical establishment.

Tortas Wash Mobile

Tijuana restaurant: Tortas Wash Mobile

Photo by Arthur M.

While not a traditional restaurant, the Tortas Wash Mobile offers a dining experience that’s both convenient and memorable. Since 1964, this permanent food truck has perfected their one dish—the carne asada torta. On this sandwich you’ll find the incredible flavors of expertly prepared and cooked meat with vibrant sauces and toppings, all on tasty, fresh bread. While the name may seem confusing at first, it all makes sense when you realize that this food truck is located right next to a car wash. They have a second location near the racetrack, but why go there if you can eat a fabulous meal and get your car washed at the same time?

Tijuana and the nearby area has so many great places to eat and see but you’ll need a home base for your adventures. For your next getaway to find to find the best Tijuana restaurant, book a stay at Welk Resorts San Diego to enjoy comfortable villa accommodations and easy day trips to exotic destinations like this. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more tips and recommendations for adventures you’ll find off the beaten path.

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