The Blunt Family Vacation in Paris, France

Disneyland Paris
by: Welk Resorts | July 18, 2017
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When it came time to fulfill a promise to his daughter to visit every Disney resort in the world, Welk employee Roland Blunt turned to his Welk Resorts Ownership for the fix. A frequent traveler from a family full of Disney aficionados, Blunt started vacationing with Welk Resorts back in 2014. Since then, he’s used his Points to take memorable family vacations at various elite resorts around the world. “I would recommend Welk Resorts to anyone simply for the amazing trading power. If you want to vacation in luxury accommodations, this is the way to go.” And this past February, Roland and his family did just that, trading their Welk Resorts Points for a two-week trip to Paris, France, and the nearby Disneyland resort.


“This was a family vacation with my wife, daughter, and family friend,” says Blunt. “We were able to use our Points to stay at the Marriott Village d’ll-de-France, a beautiful resort-style hotel just outside of Disneyland Paris.” As you can see from the photos Blunt graciously agreed to share, the family had an amazing time both inside the theme park and out.

disneyland paris

“As you might have guessed,” says Blunt, “Disneyland Paris was my daughter’s favorite activity during our time in France. She was all smiles as we dipped in and out of all the shops and took a spin on the rides. We came home with suitcases full of souvenirs!” The four travellers all enjoyed the experience of a Disneyland vacation in a country far away from home.


But Disneyland wasn’t the only reason the Blunt family used their Points to cross the Atlantic. They relished the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s world capitals. “We did everything we could fit into our schedule. We were constantly on the move, ate out every night but one. It’s such a lovely city. We really wanted to take in the sights, so we made sure to visit the The Eiffel Tower, Louvre, the Arc De Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral.” They both cherished the memories they were able to make while touring their daughter around the City of Lights.


“It really was an amazing city to visit. It seemed like every corner held a sight to see. A new photo opportunity, museum, or historic building at every turn.”

eiffel tower

Now, with Paris behind them, the Blunt family plans to continue using their Welk Resorts Ownership toward quality family vacations around the world. Maybe Tokyo Disneyland is next? They’ll certainly have plenty of options thanks to the growing pool of destinations Welk Owners have to choose from.


Ready to take your own family on a grand adventure? Learn more about vacations through Welk Resorts here or call (877)279-3569 to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful properties.

All images provided by Welk Owner Roland Blunt.

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    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family Roland! So proud of you all!

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