Christmas Kids Crafts: Holiday Handprint Art

by: Welk Resorts | December 8, 2017

It’s the holidays, and the kids will soon be out of school on a long—and possibly snowed in—winter break. To keep your little ones entertained while keeping yourself sane, check out these fun and easy Christmas kids crafts that will infuse your home with holiday cheer, requiring little more than a few simple supplies and your kiddos’ hands!

Wreath Kids Crafts

This straightforward craft is ideal for younger children since it only requires a few steps and materials. Trace your child’s hands on various shades of green construction paper and cut them out. Glue the cutouts together so that they overlap in the shape of a circle. Cut out smaller red circles to tape around the wreath as holly berries. Place a red bow at the top of the wreath and hang it with red ribbon.

Christmas Trees

Who needs a giant pine when you can make your own eco-friendly tree entirely out of handprints? Paint your kids’ hands green then have them place handprints in the shape of a tree on top of a white canvas. One yellow handprint can be placed on top of the tree as the star. Once the paint dries, kids can personalize their tree by decorating it with pom-poms or glitter.


It’s not the holidays without snow! Even if you live somewhere warm, create your own white Christmas by making snowflakes to hang around the house. Trace handprints on blue, gray, or white paper. Cut the prints out and glue them into a circle with the fingers pointing out. Sprinkle silver and white glitter on your snowflakes to really make them glisten.


Invite Santa to town early by having make a quick Santa handprint, one of the most festive kids crafts. Trace one hand on a piece of white paper. Cut the print out and flip it so that the fingers are pointing down. Glue stretched cotton onto the fingers of the hand to make a beard. Then add a red felt hat, plastic eyes, and a fun facial expression to bring your Santa to life.


This kids craft featuring a traditional Christmas character is both easy and fun to make. Place a brown handprint on a piece of paper facing one direction, then another brown handprint facing the opposite direction underneath the first one to create the body of a reindeer. Draw hooves on the tips four of the fingers of the bottom hand. Add an eye, a red nose, and a scarf.

Kids Crafts: handprint Rudolph

Photo: JV Brown


Clay ornaments lock in handprint details better than any other material. Roll out clay and have make a print your kids’ hands. You may have to work the clay a bit to form a mitten shape. Leave a hole at the top of the mittens to thread hanging ribbon through them. Bake until hard then have your kids paint their mittens. Write their names and the year on the back and repeat in future years to easily document the timeline of your kids crafts.

Kids Crafts: clay handprint mittens

Photo by Busy Bugs

With these craft ideas, you’ll create festive keepsakes to cherish for years to come. Subscribe to our blog for more fun art ideas you can create with your kids and recipes to enjoy with all your adult family and friends!

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