The Unique Company Culture at Welk Resorts

Welk Heart, the unique company culture at Welk Resorts
by: Suzanna Kincaid | April 5, 2018

What would it be like to work for a company whose number one goal is to help people vacation? You may picture conference meetings at poolside cabanas or team leads reviewing metrics with an umbrella drink in their hand. While that all sounds fabulous (and a little far-fetched), there’s actually a lot of thought that goes into how we treat our team members and the tools we provide them to be successful. Striving for constant and never-ending improvement is part of our mantra, and instilling a supportive company culture is what allows our team members to learn, grow, and develop together. There are a number of opportunities Welk offers to help team members fine-tune their skills and talents, improve their health and wellbeing, and give back to the community to truly make a difference. Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to work for Welk Resorts.

Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose

What really makes Welk stand out from other resorts and travel companies are our core values, mission, vision, and purpose. Our vision is to deliver unparalleled experiences on every level, and our values and purpose build on that vision. We strive to connect people and create fun. We believe in H.E.A.R.T.—Honesty and Integrity, Excellence, Above and Beyond Service, Responsibility on a Personal Level, and Trust, Transparency, and Teamwork. These values allow us to provide the superior support our guests and team members need to continue to grow together. We are committed to innovating guest experiences to help shape vacation memories, and we ensure our team members are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and training they need to make that happen.

Learning Programs

Company Culture: Welk Team at summit

We’re focused on helping our team members understand how to connect, coach, lead, and learn as part of our team, building on our core vision, purpose, and values. To achieve this, we have a number of programs in place at corporate and department levels, helping team members improve from the very beginning in programs that include :

  • o-Hello: At our o-Hello! Celebration, our team members are educated on how best to become a successful part of the team and fulfill their job. With the understanding of how each department contributes, team members will be empowered to provide our guests the freedom to explore, their way.
  • Welk Way: Welk Way teaches our team members how to thrive in complex environments, deliver innovative solutions, and sustain our Welk culture and legacy. This program encompasses every element of our culture and empowers individuals to become a leader every single day.
  • i-Serve: i-Serve is our organization-wide Service Culture model. The idea is to serve our internal team as well as our external guests by creating connections, trust, and relationships. We want to set ourselves apart and provide unique and custom experiences to all our guests as we take ownership, responsibility, and accountability of our actions.
  • Circle of Trust: Trust can only be built when companies and individuals commit to doing business right. At Welk, trust and transparency are essential. Team members will gain the skills to increase trust through results, capabilities, intent, and integrity.

As our team members continue with Welk, they can continue to develop their skills and abilities such as effective habits, time management, conflict resolution, coaching, communication, leadership ability, and strategy development.


Company Culture: Welk Team at leadership summit

To continue to build skills and involvement amongst our team members, Welk hosts a number of summits to increase leadership abilities and department cohesion. In addition, we work with Mike Jones from Discover Leadership to offer enhanced leadership development for our team during our summits and specialized programs at his facility in Houston, Texas. Our team members have been able to develop together and find inspiration that enables them to succeed in their position and our company culture as well as provide the best services possible for our guests.

Disaster Relief Fund

Company Culture: Welk team in Cabo San Lucas

When natural disasters strike, we understand that the local population can suffer significantly. Welk Resorts is dedicated to providing relief that helps people get back on their feet. When Hurricane Odile struck the Baja California Peninsula, the category 4 storm caused significant damage to a number of businesses and homes. Despite not being operational, Sirena Del Mar by Welk Resorts in Cabo was one of the only resorts and local business to retain its staff, paying them during the three months it took to rebuild. Many of our staff in Cabo San Lucas are extremely loyal to us because they know we are there for them through thick and thin. Our team also came together to help those affected by the wildfires in Southern California through our Welk Associate Hardship and Disaster Relief Fund. Those who were affected were able to apply for grants provided by the company and fellow team members to help them cope with financial hardships and focus on rebuilding.

Vacation Donation

We understand that a crisis can strike in more than just financial ways. Often, family illness and hardships like the death of a loved one can lead to team members depleting all of their allotted sick, holiday, and vacation time. To help in these situations, Welk has developed the Vacation Donation plan. Our team members can donate unused vacation hours to support others within Welk when they need it most. This program has helped our team members face their personal crises without worrying about finances during very difficult times.

Wellbeing Program

Company Culture: Welk wellbeing site

Our Wellbeing Mission promotes lifelong healthy behaviors and lifestyles for our Welk family. This initiative provides programs, tools, and resources to maximize all of our team’s overall wellbeing. Often, we create a number of monthly challenges for a fun and active company culture. These friendly competitions encourage our team to engage in health-improving behaviors like “eating the rainbow” for a balanced, nutritious diet.

Volunteer Opportunities

Company Culture: Welk Team volunteering

Welk is also dedicated to helping those in need outside of our own team. We make an effort to volunteer our time and abilities to charities, outreaches, homeless shelters, music programs, and other organizations. Our team members can get up to eight hours of paid time off for volunteering at organizations that focus on families, children, or veterans. We believe in paying it forward and spreading kindness throughout the world in all the ways we can. In fact, we have partnered with programs outside of our company to better serve the community. One of these programs is Solution for Change. Through this initiative, we’ve assisted individuals in hardship through employment opportunities. We also regularly provide gifts and create activities to brighten up holidays and other events for those struggling to provide for their families.

Become Part of the Welk Family

Welk Resorts is always looking to bring more talented, ambitious members to our team. If you would like to join our team and experience our great company culture, visit our careers page and see what current openings might be the right fit for you.

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