Top Destinations for Epic 4th of July Fireworks Displays

4th of July fireworks
by: Welk Resorts | June 26, 2018

Throughout the U.S., 4th of July fireworks provide thrilling entertainment and festive experiences to celebrate Independence Day. While it’s tempting to stick close to home, venturing a little further can provide breathtaking experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Some cities really go out of their way to make this event memorable, so we reviewed some of the top destinations to help you know about the thrilling 4th of July fireworks shows you can enjoy. Don’t wait to start planning your visit to a fun, exciting fireworks display at a new location!

Washington D.C.

The U.S. capital draws a crowd of around 700,000 people every year for 4th of July celebrations. People travel to see the impressive displays of fireworks amidst the backdrop of the historical buildings and monuments. The National Mall is a major attraction because it is a centrally located area where you have plenty of space to find a nice spot on the grass and watch the show unfold at dusk.


Beantown is a great choice for music lovers who want to enjoy the sounds of the famed Boston Pops orchestra. Visitors can expect to enjoy the sights of the fireworks lighting up the Charles river along the Esplanade. Since this city has the unique history of setting off the movement for political independence from the British Empire, Boston continues to celebrate the 4th of July in a manner that is quite unique, celebrating our revolutionary heritage.

San Diego

4th of July fireworks in San Diego

Photo by SoCal Pulse

If you plan to be on the West Coast for the 4th of July, check out the Big Bay Boom in San Diego. This event draws an annual crowd of around 500,000 and is known as the largest fireworks display on the West Coast. The Big Bay Boom includes amazing pyrotechnics set off from four barges and is orchestrated to accompany stirring, original music scores. With the natural shape of the bay, you can enjoy prime seating from a range of locations, including Little Italy, Shelter Island, Coronado Landing, Harbor Island, Embarcadero, and Seaport Village.

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Lights on the Lake is a unique experience for viewers as the water displays, shimmers, and reflects the lights above. Visitors to Lake Tahoe area can choose from a number of great locations along the lake’s coast to enjoy the spectacle, which lasts almost 25 minutes. In fact, these 4th of July fireworks have previously been recognized as one of the top five fireworks displays by the American Pyrotechnics Association.

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Addison, TX

With the name of “Kaboom Town,” you get an idea of what to expect from the annual fireworks show in Addison, TX. This display is a great option for people who enjoy seeing a big fireworks show in a small town setting. The friendly atmosphere attracts families, and the 4th of July fireworks are noted for their spectacular arrangements. This is a place where you can combine the local feeling with a great show that features food, live entertainment, an air show, and a lively display of top-notch fireworks.

New York City

No one throws a party like New York City! Head over to the Big Apple with high expectations for the city’s annual fireworks displays, which take place amidst the backdrop of famous landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Water taxis can transport you from one hotspot to another as these amazing, musically choreographed fireworks are launched from a number of barges along the East River and elsewhere.


Nashville is another great destination city for music lovers who want to enjoy free concerts in the lead-up to the annual firework displays. Known as Music City for a reason, this location offers some of the biggest names in country and pop music as well as the Nashville Symphony performing in a unique festival atmosphere. The city pulls out all the stops on the big day as well, with activities like water slides, family games, climbing walls, and more.


Philadelphia is another great destination city with impressive 4th of July fireworks displays that light up a backdrop of famous, historical buildings. Here, you can enjoy the enjoy the unique experience of watching modern pyrotechnic displays surrounded by architecture from the early colonial period. The main events occur at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where you can take in a free concert featuring live bands and an orchestra in one of the most famous outdoor concert shells.


4th of July fireworks in Seattle

Photo by Hubbard Radio

Seattle has a long history of entertaining visitors and tourists with the relaxed local culture and a hospitable welcome. You can enjoy the weekend of the 4th of July fireworks in a city that has plenty of venues to choose from, including theme parties, live performances, dinners, and local special events. The 4th of July fireworks displays over Whidbey Island promise to draw large crowds, and you can also catch some spectacular displays at Lake Union.

Getting Where You Want to Go

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