Going Off the Beaten Path with Experiences by Welk

Las Vegas
by: hhamernik | December 28, 2016
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Ronald and Linda Klein, Platinum Owners, were pleasantly surprised when Welk Resorts announced the launch of Experiences by Welk.

We asked the Kleins why they decided to go off the beaten path and try Experiences by Welk. Ronald tells us, “We really thought that this was a nice addition to being Welk Owners. We were just about to plan a road trip through California when we were first introduced to this added benefit to our Ownership. The timing was great! We booked a place in Monterey and Las Vegas. The values we received were amazing, and we had a great time because we had more money in pocket.” Experiences by Welk convertible car at sunset

Ronald and Linda Klein received a discount of 72% on their hotel stays, which saved them $476.60. Linda Klein tells us, “I’m a shopper. I looked around for the best prices online, and Experiences by Welk was hands down the best price. Not only was it a great deal, but also the best accommodations.”

Ronald explains, “We will always go with the less expensive route, even if it’s just a savings of $10 from another website. Experiences by Welk really blew away the competition, which makes us look forward to planning our next trip.”

We asked the Kleins if they had any recommendations for other Owners about Experiences by Welk. “To broaden our travel opportunities in addition to using our Points brings greater added value to our Welk Ownership. The bottom line is that we’re very happy about Experiences by Welk. We are pleasantly surprised with the entire concept. We really appreciate this and are looking forward to using the Experiences Collection.”

Log on to Experiences by Welk and start saving money on planning your next trip today!

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