Guest Postcard with Eric Burd: A Romantic Adventure in Europe

by: Welk Resorts | June 27, 2017

Most couples dream of a getaway abroad. It’s a chance to reconnect with their loved ones or celebrate life and romance with their special sweetheart. Eric Burd, a Welk Resorts employee hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, wanted to make this dream a reality by planning a romantic adventure in Europe with his girlfriend, Sara. He also wanted to make it the most cost-effective trip he could without sacrificing great quality. High-class accommodations without paying top dollar? It’s all about where you go to book your reservations.

Thankfully, Welk Ownership gives people like Eric access to the award-winning Experiences by Welk travel savings website, where they can take advantage of exclusive pricing on hotels, car rentals, cruises, activities and more, worldwide. So instead of relying on the same old tools like Expedia and Travelocity, Eric and Sara leveraged their exclusive access to Experiences by Welk to book what turned out to be a dream trip in Europe.


It was not the first time Eric used Experiences by Welk to book accommodations. “It continues to wow me with the pricing compared to Hotels.com and Expedia,” says Eric. “The first time we used it [was] for one night in Boston at the famous Liberty Hotel. We paid only $127 for a five-star stay. It was $250 less than the cost on Hotels.com!”

After this first experience, he was excited to see what was available in Italy. “It did not let us down. We booked the Bauer Hotel next to San Marco square, which is a five-star hotel. Instead of $400 per night, we received two nights for that price. The same again in Florence at the Relais Santa Croce, a five-star hotel again. All have been amazing!”

By using the website to book their accommodations, Eric and Sara were able to say, “Ciao” to the United States and head off to Italy for their romantic Europe adventure in Florence and Venice.

Europe: Italy


It’s for good reason that Italy is one of the top tourism destinations in the world. When we asked Eric to recount the highlights of his trip, his eyes lit up with enthusiasm. “Hiking the Path of the Gods in Positano, driving coast to coast from Amalfi, stopping in Agnone where my great grandfather was born, and seeing the Adriatic Sea for the first time—these were incredible experiences I’ll remember for a lifetime.” It was the couple’s first time in Florence and Venice, and they didn’t waste a moment. “Gondola ride in Venice. Shopping in Florence. Vatican tour in Rome. Amazing restaurants everywhere we went and, of course, 3,000 photos in attempt to capture the dream come true!”

Europe: Italy
Europe: Italy

Indeed, the pictures from Europe, which Eric graciously allowed us to share here on the blog, are wonderful. The food, the history, the scenery—it’s no wonder that Eric and Sara (and their close friends) were all smiles throughout the trip.

Europe: Italy selfie

Europe: Italy Selfie


Sharing vacation moments and unparalleled vacation experiences like these are what Welk Resorts is all about. After walking us through the entire trip, Eric shared some final thoughts from his trip and the newfound perspectives it provided.

“Italy changes your life. The depth of the culture, the passion in all that they do, the food, the wine, and of course the history. Seeing the Coliseum with your own eyes gives you the chills. From the ocean, to the city, to the vineyards, to the mountains…it’s simply spectacular. Most importantly, they give you perspective. They aren’t in a hurry, they stop to savor and enjoy life. They will spend hours in the piazza or at the dinner table. They make time for what matters most—people, family, friends, and loved ones.”

Europe: Italy

As you might have guessed, Eric and Sara are eager to return to Italy soon. “It’s an experience everyone should see. It will change you forever. Can’t wait to go back!” As Welk enthusiasts, and dedicated vacationers, they hope to continue exploring the world and living life to the fullest, a sentiment we certainly share.

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All images provided by Eric Burd.

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