The Meyer Family Visits Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge

Exterior of Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge in Lake Tahoe
by: Welk Resorts | April 26, 2017

It is often said that life is not about the destination but about the journey along the way. For Lisa Meyer, a Welk Platinum Owner and professional photographer, it’s the scenery along the way that inspires her most. As a photographer, Lisa is always looking for the picturesque when selecting her travel destinations. She researches moon phases, sunrise and sunset times, photogenic locations, and rich local experiences—all of these can factor into snapping that perfect shot. One can find a beautiful photograph anywhere, as long as you know what to look for. When we asked what led her to choose the Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge in North Lake Tahoe as her travel destination, Lisa’s answer was simple: “It’s nice that Welk did all the research for me.”

Lake Tahoe pier leading out to water

The Meyers, who hail from San Diego, were pleased to find that they had Welk Platinum Points left to use at the end of the year. They found the Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge with the Experiences Collection* to be a perfect destination for all they needed: it was within driving distance of their home; it was remote and cozy; and it had all the amenities to work remotely during the day. The true joy for a busy photographer like Lisa Meyer was being able to shut down her computer and still feel like she was on vacation.

“Being nestled up next to the fireplace with all the amenities of working from my home was true freedom. Being just steps outside of our door to the water and watching the snowflakes fall over the Lake at the end day was exactly what I was looking for.”

During her trip to Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge, Lisa took a day trip to Truckee and Sierra Valley, two neighboring towns.

“With no particular destination in mind, we took a day trip by following a winding road along a river. Along the way we found people cutting down their own Christmas trees. Where that road took us opened up and we descended over a hill into a little town named Truckee. In this little town, everyone was so welcoming and wanted to share their story about how special this place was to them. We were delighted with the local quaint shops featuring unique handmade usable art and creations of hand blown glass.”

As a reward for her adventurousness, Lisa found a lot to write home about in Sierra Valley.

“We were amazed to learn about barn quilts! We never knew about this before but quickly researched to find an online map of this age old tradition. We desperately wanted to see and learn more. We ended up spending the day driving many miles taking photographs. The intended desire is for each community to share art in a unique way.”

Barn quilt on a barn in Truckee
Lake Tahoe landscape with barn

“We discovered the paintings on 100 year old barns and on the sides of old grocery store buildings.” After posting the photos on social media, Lisa discovered a whole new world and community that connected with her images. Other people even started sending their own photos from different parts of the country back to them.”

barn quilt on exterior of barn in Truckee

During their journey that day, after the barn quilt photo opportunities, Lisa also stumbled across a Yak Farm. “We definitely weren’t expecting that! What a treat to be able to photograph a long hair Yak farm in Sierraville.”

Yak farm in Truckee

As a valued Owner, Lisa was able to use her leftover Points to book the Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge through our Experiences Collection*. Not a Welk Owner? Find out how you can have access to exclusive resorts like Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge and many more by calling 888-418-0125.

We asked Lisa if she had plans to return to this destination and she raved: “This location is on the top of our list. We will definitely be heading back there very soon. I love that I can use my Welk Points to travel and stay at the Lakeside Lodge!”

All images provided by Welk Owner: LB Meyer Photography

*While these properties are not currently part of the Welk Resorts Platinum Program, all of The Collection properties are available now using your Platinum Points, subject to availability.

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