Weekday Warriors: Stretch Points With Midweek Stays

Welk Resorts midweek stay options infographic
by: Welk Resorts | September 27, 2017

“Midweek” may not be a word you hear very often, but as a Platinum Points Owner, it’s a buzzword that can make a big bang for your buck. Currently, there are multiple ways Welk Resorts Owners can get the most out of their Points. There are six beautiful properties, including the brand-new One Village Place in Lake Tahoe. A growing Experiences Collection, to which Welk Resorts recently added three more properties. And, of course, there’s Experiences by Welk, the new mobile travel savings platform where Owners can access huge savings and valuable rewards on things like hotels, car rentals, activities, and more.

But don’t forget about midweek stays!

By booking a five-night stay, Sunday – Thursday, you can get more vacation nights for your Platinum Points. Why? In most cases, bookings between Sunday and Thursday are in lower demand than weekends, meaning you can get up to two five-night stays (ten total nights of vacation) instead of the standard seven-night Week. A five-night midweek stay at any Welk Resort saves up to 50% of Points when compared to a typical Week stay (seven nights).

Check out our infographic below for a visual breakdown of popular ways our Welk Resorts “weekday warriors” stretch their Platinum Points at our resorts. Give it a try and sneak in three extra vacation days a year for the same amount of Points!


infographic for midweek stays


It’s that simple. Midweek stays for the win! To learn more about booking midweek stays, and your Ownership in general, attend a Discover Ownership class in person or online. Of course, you can always head over to the Owner’s Lounge and log in for easy access to the latest Owner tutorials, updates, and booking options. Keep in mind reservations are subject to shortened booking windows and availability. Click here for details.

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