Million Dollar Quartet at Welk Resort Theatre–A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Million Dollar Quartet at Welk Resort Branson theatre behind the scenes
by: Welk Resorts | August 5, 2017

What if you could watch Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins come alive before your eyes? With Million Dollar Quartet, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, you can. Now through December 31, 2017, the smash-hit musical is back at the spacious, 2,300-seat Welk Resort Theatre in Branson, Missouri.


This toe-tapping musical is inspired by the true story of one fateful Memphis night—arranged by the “father of rock ‘n roll”, Sam Phillips—that brought four of music’s most iconic stars together for shared studio time at Sun Records. What resulted was a superstar jam session whose legend is carried on by Million Dollar Quartet, the over-the-top tribute to that one-of-a-kind night.

Million Dollar Quartet cast practicing backstage

The longtime success of this show is no coincidence—a lot goes into making it all happen. Of course, none of it is possible without the four main talents and the actors who play them. “It’s a musical for everyone,” says Dathan Atchison, the show’s producer. “Including people who normally say, ‘We don’t like musicals.’”

This wide-reaching draw comes in large part from four Million Dollar Quartet icons and the musical legacy they left behind. Our team had the privilege of sitting down with the actors behind these roles to get an inside look at what it takes to play these heroes on stage, week in, week out.

Elvis Presley character getting ready

Tyler K. Hunter, who plays Elvis Presley, reflected on the opportunity to portray The King of Rock. “I never thought I’d be blessed enough to portray him every night. It is truly an honor. Took a lot of hard work and dedication. Studying all his films, footage and documentaries. But it was fun.”

Hard work, indeed. Throughout the show, Hunter is tasked with performing famous Elvis hits like “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Hound Dog.” So there’s quite a bit of preparation to get things just right. “Typically just warming up on stage with everyone. Going over notes, and a lot of hair and makeup to prepare. We usually get together and sing a song in private to warm up and kind of set the mood for the night.”

Million Dollar Quartet cast singing backstage

Things are no easier, nor any less inspiring, for Cliff Wright, who plays Johnny Cash. “I think the biggest connection with Johnny Cash I have is our spiritual side. He loved gospel hymns and most importantly he loved the Lord. And, like Johnny, I also have a deceased brother.”

Johnny Cash character getting ready backstage

Like many fans of The Man in Black, Wright connects with the heartfelt, human aspect of Cash’s lyrics. But few of us could ever imagine playing this superstar rockstar on the big stage. “I never really thought I would portray Johnny Cash. It’s a dream come true every night I step on stage. It took a lot of listening and studying of how Johnny Cash carried himself, as well as how he would sing. Even now, I go to the theater early, warm up with the cast and some original Johnny Cash recordings.”

Presley, Cash—can this lineup get any better? How about the killer himself—the pioneer of rockabilly—Jerry Lee Lewis, played by John Countryman. You couldn’t dream up an actor with a better name for playing an American rock ‘n roll star. But Countryman shares more in common with Jerry Lee Lewis’s music than a fitting name.

Actor practicing playing the piano

“I taught myself how to play the piano by listening to Jerry Lee’s records and trying to emulate his style. I never thought I would portray my musical idol on stage, and it has been a real honor to do so for the last five years. I’m not really sure if there is anybody out there today that has as much influence on me as Jerry Lee Lewis does. His style, demeanor, approach to stardom—it’s as unique now as it was 60 years ago when he got started with Sun Records.”

Brad Waters has a similar connection to his role, Carl Perkins. “Carl and myself both came from country life in the south and the soul of the music that came with it. I never would dream that I would be performing Carl Perkins six nights a week on stage for a living. It’s such an honor!” Like his fellow stagemates, Waters does a lot of work to get into Perkins’ shoes. “Playing his records, watching YouTube videos and just keep trying to put myself where Carl might have been on his way in the music business.”

Actor in the show Million Dollar Quartet

It’s a talented and committed cast at the core of this year’s production of Million Dollar Quartet. And the timing of the show’s third return to the Welk Resort Theatre couldn’t be better: it coincides with a new television series on CMT, “Sun Records,” which is based on the story behind Sam Phillips and the Million Dollar Quartet. It also coincides with the opening of a new building at The Lodges at Timber Ridge by Welk Resorts, making it the perfect time to book a stay to go along with your show. The show itself will run through the end of the year, with all shows beginning at 8 p.m.

Tickets are available by phone at 800.505.9355 or online at MDQBranson.com.


Million Dollar Quartet at Welk Resort Branson theatre behind the scenes

“It is been an absolute blessing for me,” says Tyler Hunter. “Welk is a very family-oriented business and environment. Our families are always welcome which makes things a lot more comfortable for us. As well as the nice staff. It’s a good feeling to know that the people you work with every day that are overseeing things make sure that you’re taken care of.”

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9 Responses

  1. Bob Kohn says:

    I’ve seen the show! The music and the performances are electrifying. I’d go see it again.

  2. David Nelson says:

    I have seen this show twice. It is a fantastic performance by all the cast.
    I cannot say I like one actor over the other but the way Jerry Lee gets into it is great.
    I will go again when I am in Branson.
    Thank you all very much for bringing back the memories of the Real Million Dollar Quartet.

  3. Mark Hurst says:

    Just saw this show during our visit to Branson last weekend. It was fantastic! Having watched the “Sun Records” TV series earlier this year, and being a musician myself, I felt like I already knew a lot about the history of the characters going in, and the cast did not disappoint. From the acting to the musicianship, it was a great production. I would have sat there for as long as they all wanted to jam. They really captured the spirit of all involved. The Sam Phillips character was played perfectly, as well. If there is one show to catch while in Branson, this is the one.

    Mark Hurst

  4. Mark Hurst says:

    One other comment I will add: The sound mix and engineering quality was outstanding. Great sound.

  5. Carmen Mercer says:

    We have seen this show in Branson at least 7 times and will see it again in August 2018! Absolutely love this show and every actor is awesome! Jerry Lee Lewis steals the show! We get tickets every time we go to Branson which is three times a year.

    • Welk Resorts says:

      Hi Carmen! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re a fan of the Million Dollar Quartet. We look forward to seeing you here in Branson again next month and hope you enjoy the show even more next time! 🙂

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