Desert Delights & Coachella Vibes: Kristine Sabino in Palm Springs

by: Welk Resorts | December 11, 2018

Welk Owner Kristine Sabino experienced Palm Springs, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and Welk Resorts Palm Springs all in a fun and fresh way. Read on for her first-hand account of the comfort, food, and festivities she experienced that made her desert vacation one to remember!

I’m a hard working registered nurse and getaways are very important to me. Time away from work is something I strive for regularlyto reward myself and bring that positive vibe back into my life! While the city life is interesting, vacations at a resort are something truly different. Vacation places with photo opportunities get me super excited and I also enjoy activities that my significant other and I can share.

Couple posing in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a great place for a romantic getaway to remember.

The first time I stayed at Welk Resorts Palm Springs was to have a mini-getaway with my significant other. We went there to spend quality time together and relax at the resort. It was an awesome first-time experience at Desert Oasis.

The second time I went was for the big Coachella Festival. It was the perfect place to stay!  The music festival was so amazing and fun, especially for my first time. My favorite part was actually heading to Coachella because I was so excited for the new artists we were going to see for the day.

Woman posing at Coachella

Coachella Music Festival made a great excuse to come visit Welk Resorts Palm Springs.

The first day at Welk Resorts Palm Springs, we hit up the pool to cool down before a home-cooked dinner in our villa. After the first day of the festival, it felt so good to come back to our room, sleep in our bed, and rest for the next day of activities. I woke up to fresh air and got ready for breakfast.

Since Welk Resort villas have fully-equipped kitchens, I’m able to do what I enjoy, which is cook! Being comfortable indoors with that “home” feeling is what I try to set out for my significant other and guests. We had bacon, eggs, hash browns, avocado, and fresh squeezed orange juice on our outdoor patio since the weather was beautiful and the air was crisp. Hotels don’t have an awesome patio outside your room, but our resort did! Once we finished, I loaded up the dishwasher and we sat in our living room and watched TV. It was still a perfect, stress-free environment.

Home-cooked meal

Some of the delicious home-cooked meals made possible by the fully equipped kitchens in the villas.

Once the weather warmed up a little more, we did a bit of exercise since our villa was very spacious. We’re very active people and love fitting in time for working out. Next stop was to hit the pool! We got our swimsuits on and didn’t need to worry about beach towels because Welk has them for you.

I love taking photos and making anywhere I go fun, so of course, I had to bring my cute swan floatie! I was so excited to use it and the employees at the pool were nice enough to inflate it for me. It turned out to be such a fun and cute hit.

Pool at Desert Oasis by Welk Resorts

Swans are the perfect swimming partner at Welk Resorts Palm Springs.

There’s a cool snack bar in the pool area and you can order drinks as well. We decided on nachos and they were so good. It was the perfect appetizer. Along with our nachos, we ordered two fruit smoothies. Everything was delicious!

When we were done with the pool, we headed back to our villa to cook our lunch. I went to our kitchen and started the stove for the Filipino spaghetti. Along with our pasta, I made spinach salad and loaded up our oven with garlic bread. It smelled so good and we had full stomachs to give us energy for the second day of the festival. Once again, we were looking forward to the comfortable bed waiting for us to fall asleep on when we got back from Coachella.

Coachella unicorn by pool

This time a new friend from Coachella joined in on poolside adventures!

Breakfast was on the lighter side for our third day. We made oatmeal over the stove and mixed our bowl with fresh fruit. We decided to eat our breakfast while watching TV in our bedroom. It felt so nice to relax and stay in bed longer than usual. After, we did our little exercise and got ready for the pool again! We caught some sun on the poolside chairs which were perfect for sitting and laying down. Then, we decided to go inside the activity center.

The highlight from the center was creating our own tie-dye bandanas. They were the perfect accessories to our festival outfits! The staff members asked us to drop by in the afternoon before we headed out to pick up the dry bandanas. My significant other and I were also able to play a game of pool before we headed back to our villa to make lunch.

Coachella unicorn on pool table

Next up, a rousing game of pool.

We made shredded chicken tacos and ate in the living room. Then it was time to get ready for our final night of the festival weekend. Before leaving, we picked up our bandanas and the INSPIRED For You staff was able to add some face painting to match my outfit! I felt very catered to and looked even more festive! The staff have always been super friendly, and Welk Resorts was a really perfect place to stay for the weekend.

Check-out day was bittersweet. Rather than make breakfast in our villa, we opted to eat on the road. We packed our bags and took one last photo in front of the Welk Resorts sign. I was going to miss Palm Springs and its warm weather. Until we meet again, this Los Angeles couple is headed back to reality, away from our vacation home.

Welk Resorts Palm Springs sign

I recommend Welk Resorts to my friends because it’s honestly filled with activities that go perfectly with any type of getaway. Even if we didn’t have the festival, we would’ve stayed at the resort because it’s that relaxing. My friends are already excited about a girls trip I’m going to share with them for next year! I can’t imagine staying in a stuffy hotel room. Welk Resort Villas just give you that homey feeling that hotels will never be able to match.

Welk Owner since 2013

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