How to Plan a Perfect Destination Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party
by: Welk Resorts | May 24, 2017

Your best friend just got engaged, asked you to be her maid of honor and you’re as tickled pink as rosé! While there is a checklist of responsibilities that the honor entails, we’re pretty sure the best duty is planning the bachelorette party!

Gone are the days of a simple girl’s night out to celebrate the bride-to-be. It’s now all about the bachelorette weekend. While the thought of organizing such an event may sound daunting — fear not! We’ve compiled an easy step-by-step guide to planning the perfect destination bachelorette party.

bachelorette party
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  • Get the Bride’s Input
    Your first step is having a one-on-one conversation to determine any specific details the bride definitely wants you to include (or not include). Make sure to ask the following questions:

    • Is there a specific location where she wants the party to be hosted?
    • Does she want a calm getaway or a little more fun?
    • Does she have a guest list along with contact information for each invitee?
    • What dates work best for her for the bachelorette bash?
  • Finalize the Date
    Choose a date that works for the bride and bridesmaids and don’t worry too much about the extended list you’ve been given. It’s important to keep things under your control as much as possible and firm up the date that works for the majority.
    Put Your Planning Committee Together
    This is not just any event and there’s a lot to do to ensure the perfect weekend to celebrate your friend’s departure from singlehood. Reach out to the bridesmaids to confirm they are on board with assisting you with certain tasks during the planning process. Delegating responsibilities will save you some major headaches.


  • Send Out Your Invitations
    While you can do a mailed invitation, keep in mind that you’ll want your headcount as soon as possible. Evite is a great way to design and send an online invitation and track RSVP’s easily. Be sure to include a deadline date for the responses.
  • Set a Budget
    Once you have your proposed guest list, it’s now time to discuss a price point that everyone is prepared to spend. This should be comfortable for the attendees to ensure no one will break the bank. One way of estimating the budget is by establishing a cost per guest for all major expenses such as accommodations, limo or party bus rental, catered or prix-fixe meals, venue cover charges, etc. Do not include food and drinks if you only have reservations or impromptu meals, as this will be an open menu in which everyone should handle their own costs. Airfare should be excluded as well.
  • Choose your Destination
    Once you’ve determined your budget, you can do your research. Did the bride-to-be provide a destination preference during your earlier meeting? If not, it’s up to you to make sure the city you choose fits her personality and style. If it’s within the budget and everyone is looking to get out of town for an exotic destination, look no further than Sirena Del Mar by Welk Resorts in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas. The delicious margaritas and one-of-a-kind view make this resort hard to beat for any party.

Welk Resort Cabo


  • Finalize Travel
    • Flights: Try to synchronize connecting flights for the bridesmaids. If the bride is flying, a fun shout-out from the flight attendant is in order!
    • Driving: Carpooling is a great way to save on costs. Put together your road trip playlist and get the party started.
  • Book your Accommodations & Events
    You’ve found your location, so now it’s time to book your stay. Whether you’ve decided on a hotel, resort or vacation home, you’ll want to make sure you’re near all the action. Traveling to and from will cut costs on transportation. Set up reservations for pre-planned events like brunch, wine-tasting, a dance class… activities are typically based on the destination. Heading to Las Vegas? Book a bungee jump off the Stratosphere. Napa Valley? Wine-tasting is a must. If you’re thinking about Southern California, both San Diego and Palm Springs are top destinations for a girls’ getaway. You can book a gorgeous villa at one of the local resorts with plenty of space and amenities for ultimate comfort and relaxation. You’ll be sipping cool beverages poolside before hitting the town.

bachelorette party pool Photo by Justin DeMutiis, located at http://justindemutiisphotography.com/


  • Choose a Theme
    It’s time to get creative and choose a theme for the bach-bash. Will you all be dressed in bling and “diamonds” for a ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ weekend? Or will you be relaxing in leis with fruity cocktails in-hand for a tropical-themed getaway?

Diamonds theme bachelorette decorations Photo by Me and My Insnanity, located at meandmyinsanity.com


  • Décor and Favors
    While these fall under your financial responsibility, you can ask the guests if they would be willing to throw in $10 – $20 each to assist with décor. Your bachelorette headquarters should represent the bride’s last stand! Lots of confetti, banners, feather boas, a bubbly bar – whatever décor matches your theme. Don’t forget a fun backdrop with props for photos.

Bachelorette party toastingPhoto by Studio Freyja, located at http://studiofreyja.com/collaborations/rising-tide-society-collaboration/

Bachelorette Party bubbly barPhoto by Studio Freyja, located at http://studiofreyja.com/collaborations/rising-tide-society-collaboration/

  • Bach-Swag
    Swag for the posse is a must! Now that you’ve figured out the perfect theme, you can match your swag, such as tanks, tutus or wigs to wear out on the town! Perhaps a special survival kit for each gal?

Bachelorette party shirts
Photo by Aliexpress, located at Aliexpress.com

Bachelorette Party survival kit
Photo by FavorBox, located at Etsy.com

  • Mail Printed Invitations
    These are a cute way to incorporate your bach-bash theme and get the girls excited for what’s ahead.
  • Transportation
    If you are considering hiring a limo or party bus for one (or more) of the nights, this should be booked in advance. You’ll be able to hail cabs or call car service a short time before heading out.
  • Plan for Food
    This is the time to figure out meals for the weekend. Work with your planning committee to determine what you’ll need in-room and options for eating out. In-room should include appetizers, snacks and drinks even if you are planning to go out for most of your meals. You’ll be thankful for them when getting ready to go out on the town and even more so after the night ends. This is a cost that can be split among the bridesmaids to make it easier on everyone.


  • Confirm Accommodations
    You’ll want to check your reservations and get all the necessary details (i.e. check-in and check-out times).
  • Create the Hashtag
    Okay, you’ve peaked excitement about the weekend amongst the girls with the mailed invitation, now let’s get them pumped since it’s just a week away! Create a custom hashtag for your bachelorette party and send it via group message to the crew. Your goal is to have every photo (what happens in… well, you know) from the weekend. You could create a fun memory book for the bride after the weekend’s over!


  • Get Packing
    We want to tell you to pack lightly, but couldn’t with a straight face! You’ll need plenty of time to put together your looks for every moment. Start a day early—you’ll be grateful you did.


  • Connect with the Bride
    Go over (almost) all of the details with her.
  • Travel Preparations
    • Flights: Make sure that anyone who is flying checks in and prints/downloads their boarding passes.
    • Driving: Gas up the tank and kick the tires to ensure you’re ready for the road trip. Finalize your playlist and stock up on snacks.
  • Time to Rest
    It’s finally here – you did it! Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and recharge for your weekend getaway.

Here’s to wishing the bride an amazing fling before the ring!

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