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Experiences by Welk app for Apple and Android
by: Welk Resorts | July 11, 2017

When we say Freedom to Explore, Your Way, we mean it. It’s a commitment we make to each of our Owners. That’s the philosophy behind our newly introduced online travel platform, which is currently exclusive to Welk Owners.

Meet Experiences by Welk, your new best friend when it comes to saving money on all things travel.

What is Experiences by Welk?

Put simply, Experiences by Welk is an online travel platform offering the lowest published rates on airfare and exclusive prices on other travel options—from hotel rooms and car rentals, to cruises, activities and more.

Experiences by Welk app. Your life, your choice.

Since launching in July of 2016, Experiences by Welk has saved Welk Platinum Program Owners an average of 27.7% compared to other online travel websites.*

The savings are real.

Who can use it?

All of our esteemed Welk Resorts Platinum Owners receive one year of premium, unlimited, no-cost access to Experiences by Welk upon registration.**

How do I get started?


  • Step 1: Download the app
  • Step 2: Login using your Owner’s Lounge credentials (email and password)

Experiences by Welk app login screen

  • Don’t have your Owner’s Lounge credentials? Click “Sign up!” to get started. Make sure to have your Owner number handy for registration.

Sign up for Experiences by Welk app

Registration form for Experiences by Welk app

  • Step 3: Select a tile to start searching
  • Grid on Experiences by Welk app
  • Step 4: Book your experience
  • Once you find an offer at the price and quality level you desire, book the same way you would with any other travel site. You’ll also receive Welk Reward Credits upon booking! Save on hotels using the Experiences by Welk app
  • Step 5: Go explore
  • With reservations in hand, there’s only one thing left to do—enjoy your upcoming experience!


What are Owners saying about it?

Current Welk Owners Ronald and Linda Klein used the platform to save big on their recent trip to California. They wanted to road trip through the state, so they logged into their account to search for the lowest rates on hotel rooms in Monterey and Las Vegas, two key stops during their trip.

I’m a shopper. I looked around for the best prices online, and Experiences by Welk was hands down the best price. Not only was it a great deal, but also the best accommodations.” – Linda Klein

Ronald and Linda ended up earning a discount of 72% on their hotel stays, which saved them $476.60.

On top of that, they earned Welk Reward Credits, which can be accumulated and used on future bookings.

Couple riding in convertible car at sunset

We will always go with the less expensive route, even if it’s just a savings of $10 from another website. Experiences by Welk really blew away the competition, which makes us look forward to planning our next trip,” Ronald explained.

When can I start using the platform?

Right now! After you download the app, the way you choose to explore is totally up to you.

Think romantic cruises through Central Europe, a family adventure in Hawaii, or perhaps a simple staycation in a nearby city. The possibilities are endless.

Cruise in Europe using Experiences by Welk app

What if I’m not a Welk Owner?

No problem! Be sure to subscribe to our blog to ensure our monthly email newsletter comes straight to your inbox. You’ll be the first to know when Experiences by Welk is offered to the public. Our newsletter also includes fun tips and tricks, recipes, special events, and more exciting Welk updates. It’s like being a part of our inner circle.

What if I still have questions?

We want to answer them. Email our team at info@experiencesbywelk.com

Get started today and see what all the hype is about. We have a good feeling you’ll find something you’ll love!

*Individual savings may vary. See program Terms and Conditions at https://experiencesbywelk.com/ for more details.
**Welk Platinum Owners and Auditions Members receive a one year Premium Account membership to the Experiences by Welk platform. Should you choose to continue your Premium Account after your first year has ended, you may do so by paying the annual fee (currently $199). Annual fees are subject to change and may increase over time.  See program Terms and Conditions for more details.

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