Guest Postcard — Sirena del Mar with Shailyn and Bala

Couple on balcony at Sirena del Mar
by: Welk Resorts | August 31, 2017

Young couple Shailyn and Bala from Los Angeles, California are no strangers to adventures in travel, and when it came time to plan their first international getaway, Welk Resorts Cabo San Lucas was at the top of their list.

Shailyn has been vacationing with Welk Resorts since she was a little girl, as both her parents and grandparents have been proud Owners for over two decades. Shailyn and Bala are keeping the vacation tradition alive and were able to use her parent’s vacation ownership for the ultimate romantic adventure in Cabo San Lucas.

Young woman on beach in Cabo San Lucas

While at Sirena del Mar, they took advantage of the pools, swim up bar, private beach, and the restaurant—which they say “had the best nachos ever!

They also especially enjoyed attending one of the fiesta nights at Sirena del Mar, which included a buffet dinner, live musicians, and dancers. Another highlight of their vacation was getting to know Angelo and Jonas from the INSPIRED by You team. “[They] were the best hosts and entertainers, constantly catering to us, getting us involved in daily poolside activities and they always remembered us by name.

Shailyn and Bala were kind enough to share some video highlights below from their trip, showcasing a few of many adventures they had along with the overall serenity that Sirena del Mar provides.

When asked which activities were their favorites, they replied, “Our favorite part was the hot tub on our balcony, the hammock on the balcony, going out to the pool, and the amazing view all day long. On the night of the fiesta, we actually got called up on stage for a competition and funny acts. We had to take tequila shots and dance in front of everyone, it was hilarious and so much fun.

Couple in hammock on balcony at Sirena Del Mar

Outside of the resort, they were able to enjoy some exhilarating activities, including surfing, an ATV tour, bungee jump adventure through Wild Canyon, sailing, and a beautiful dinner one night at Sunset Monalisa, which was “by far one of the most romantic restaurants,” says Shailyn.

Man bungee jumping in Cabo San Lucas

Couple posing on ATV's near Sirena Del Mar
When we asked Shailyn and Bala what their favorite moment of the vacation was and why, they replied, “Our favorite moment would have to be the day we went sailing. We got to tour the arch, snorkel and see so many colorful fish.

couple on boat in Cabo San Lucas

Couple snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas

We toured the city a little, and then came back and kept the fun going at the resort. It seemed like every day we were there, Angelo and Jonas would find us and make us a part of the party, we felt so special. They even made it a point to send us off to our flights home. The service and staff were beyond amazing, the best service we’ve ever experienced. Five stars!

Man snorkeling with fish

Shailyn reminisces once more about her trip, “We will definitely be coming back one day! It was a great destination for our first international travel. There was such a variety of events and amenities for all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, you name it. From kids to elderly, anyone could easily enjoy every aspect of the resort. Very quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

Couple in pool at Sirena del Mar

It was a pleasure to sit down and hear all about Shailyn and Bala’s exciting trip at one of the crown jewels of Baja. If you want to experience Cabo San Lucas like they did, book your next dream getaway at Welk Resorts Cabo.

To see more of Shailyn and Bala’s adventures at Sirena del Mar, check out their YouTube channel, Lift Duo, or their personal blog, theadventureneverstops.blog

All photos and video provided by Lift Duo.

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