Snowboard & Ski Lake Tahoe Like a Pro

by: Welk Resorts | November 10, 2017

Every year, millions of skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes all over the United States during the winter sports season, and Lake Tahoe is one of the top destinations.
Before your next trip up to the fresh powder and stunning views of Tahoe, check out these insider tips from locals that will make it feel like your winter playground this season. You’ll be able to speed down the mountain with your skis or snowboard like a pro.

Gear Up

Regardless of your experience level, it’s important to always take safety precautions. Tahoe locals know the slopes inside and out but are also well aware of the risks involved. Essential safety gear includes a quality helmet, appropriately sized skis or snowboard, waterproof gloves, and fitted boots. Pay attention to your clothing choices, opting for flexible layering rather than bulky outerwear. New skiers may appreciate the added protection of knee, wrist, and bum guards. Don’t worry about looking like an amateur—many more experienced skiers still fully gear up before hitting the slopes. Last but certainly not least, apply sun protection and stay hydrated—sun exposure still poses a risk even in cold weather.

Snowboard gear

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Make Safety a Priority

While advance preparation will make a huge difference in your Tahoe experience, locals explain you can never fully know what the mountain will throw your way, and it’s always smart to plan for contingencies. Once you’ve acquired more experience, these practices will come more naturally, but it’s important to keep them top-of-mind if you’re still new to winter sports.

  • Ski and snowboard with a friend and watch each other’s backs.
  • Know your limits and avoid taking on runs you know are above your skill level.
  • Be aware of the skiers around you and yield to people in front of you, particularly when you’re merging into ski traffic.
  • Pay attention to the trail rules in any given area. Tahoe locals understand that things are marked for a reason, and you could be entering an unstable area by venturing off-trail.
  • Avoid injury-inducing situations like deep snow or skiing too close to trees.
  • Keep your phone on you at all times with the emergency contact for Lake Tahoe Ski Patrol programmed in your speed dial. Make use of any GPS technology.


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Get the Inside Track

Knowing all the area has to offer, including how to pick a base of operations, is the best way to cater your vacation to your particular needs. Northstar Lodge by Welk Resorts is a winter playground and family-friendly resort. Guests have immediate access to 93 trails running from 19 lifts with plenty of options that are great for kids along with more difficult runs to keep the more advanced snow bunnies challenged.

Northstar Lodge also offers snowmobiling, snowshoe hikes, and “Ride With a Local” ski or snowboard tours, all through our INSPIRED FOR YOU program. “Ride With a Local” pairs you with a Welk INSPIRED guide, introducing you to hidden runs you might never find on your own. The snowmobile tours offer breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe you won’t find on foot. Snowshoe hikes allow you to learn about the Tahoe wilderness while getting great exercise.

Stay and Play

Visitors may come to Lake Tahoe for the skiing and snowboarding, but they stay for the restaurants, shops, and bars. Ask around about specials and resident favorites, or opt for pubs with homemade brews to get a feel for the local flavor.

The Lake Tahoe area has so much to offer, you could likely explore it for years without uncovering every hidden gem. However, if you’re willing, you can discover all the tips, tricks, and secrets that have even the locals coming back for more.

Book a stay at Welk Resorts Tahoe in the heart of all the snow action and fun!

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