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by: Welk Resorts | August 1, 2017

At Welk Resorts, we’re passionate about delivering the most fun and unique vacation experiences in the business. Whether you’re flying drones, cluing your way through an escape room, or blowing glass on one of our south-of-the-border city tours, we’ve created a countless number of seasonally changing events to enhance every vacation. Our award-winning INSPIRED FOR YOU program is all about having fun, reconnecting with your loved ones, and celebrating the spirit of adventure in our Welk Resorts locations. In this Staff Spotlight, we’re going behind the scenes to meet the INSPIRADOS (INSPIRED Activities Managers) at each of the Welk Resorts locations.

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If you’re looking for some insider tips on how to take your vacation to the next level of F-U-N, read on to hear what our pros have to say.


Meet Joshua Franklin

Inspired Team

Joshua with the newest member of the INSPIRED team—his newborn baby boy, Landon.

Which INSPIRED activities are your favorite and why? Personally, I like our Virtual Reality Studio and green room. It has come such a long way and gives our Owners and guests a chance to test drive some of the newest technology. We’ve seen all age groups experience this, from five-year-olds all the way to 90. It gives you a sense of excitement seeing all age groups attend and have a blast!


INSPIRED VR room with jellyfish

What do you enjoy most about your job? The creative freedom to deliver our Owners and guests a robust and never-ending amount of things to do while on vacation.

What are two top memories you have of interactions with guests? My favorite memory was when I was able to help an Owner with mobility issues experience and engage in all the activities she didn’t think she was able to do. At first, she was discouraged and let down because she felt she wasn’t able to enjoy herself; however, we were able to accommodate her wheelchair in every activity and she was in tears after having such a good time. I’ll never forget that.

We also have an Owner who visits us on a frequent basis, usually six to seven times a year. She brings along her son, whom the INSPIRED team has “adopted” and made an honorable part of our team. We’ve decked him out in our team uniform and given him a name badge. Now, every time he visits, he brings his badge with him. He helps host activities with us, interacts with our Owners and guests, and helps spread the word about activities that are going on around the property. He even hands out towels to guests in need!

INSPIRED pool activity

What are the top three INSPIRED activities at Welk Resorts San Diego?

  1. Explorer’s Escape Room – Guests clue their way through Edmond Dantès’ secret laboratory to activate the time machine and free him from time travel limbo.
  2. INSPIRED Studios – Test drive the latest in VR (virtual reality) technology, learn how to create 3D printed products and much more!
  3. Villa Chef – Create delicious dinners in your room by ordering your Villa Chef. You’ll be given a fresh, ingredient-packed kit—complete with a follow-along recipe card and instructional video link—to whip up something scrumptious without leaving the resort.

See the full lineup of San Diego activities here!


Meet Jeremiah Jones

Inspired team

What’s your favorite memory from interactions you’ve had with guests? I went kayaking with a guest on Lake Taneycomo and it started pouring rain, but my guest had no intention of stopping or getting out. When the rain had cleared, we saw a bald eagle catch a trout from the lake right in front of us! It really was an awesome experience, not only for our guest, but myself as well—all in my home town.

What do you enjoy most about your job? There’s nothing more enjoyable than treating a guest with genuine hospitality—as if they’re a guest in my own home.

Which INSPIRED activities are your favorite, and why? All of the INSPIRED Adventures! I love going hiking, kayaking, and biking with guests. Never did I think I would have an opportunity to have so much fun and call it work.

What are the top three INSPIRED activities at The Lodges at Timber Ridge by Welk Resorts?

  1. Taneycomo Kayak Adventure – Enjoy the breathtaking Ozark Mountain waterways, hosted by your very own Welk INSPIRED guide.
  2. Game of Drones – Brush up on your drone piloting skills in this ridiculously fun, tech-based event.
  3. Cupcake Wars – Decorate a giant cupcake, create a company cake box and film a TV commercial on the green screen.

See the full lineup of Branson activities here!


Meet Tyler Lockwood

Inspired for You activities supervisor at Palm Springs Desert Oasis

What are two top memories you have interacting with guests? One experience this year was leading a yoga class with a family from Canada that had stayed with us for three weeks. It was the last day of their trip and we were all there practicing yoga and taking in the beautiful snow-capped San Jacinto Mountains. Another one is more simple—chatting with guests and finding out they too like to grow fruits and veggies. We usually talk for quite awhile, sharing tips and tricks with each other.

Which INSPIRED activities are your favorite, and why? I enjoy our morning yoga and our beer tasting. After all, life’s about balance. An outdoor yoga flow is always an inspiring and awesome way to start a work day. The beer tasting is fun because we throw in some “bar magic”—basically, we show people how to do pub tricks and win a pint off their buddies.

What are the top three INSPIRED activities at Desert Oasis by Welk Resorts?

  1. Prohibition Speakeasy & Escape Room – Four nights a week, it’s a chance to challenge yourself at the Prohibition Escape room. The rest of the week, join in on craft beer tastings, mixology classes and adult casino nights.
  2. Sunrise Restorative Flow – A wellness class geared towards opening up your heart and finding balance, overlooking the picturesque San Jacinto Mountains & Cathedral Canyon golf course.
  3. Camp Klew – Mad Science, Spy Camp, Little Chefs, Magician Training and more for the kiddos.

See the full lineup of Palm Springs activities here!

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy designing programs that bring families together which, in turn, become vacation memories that they cherish for their entire lives. There’s no greater feeling than helping families spend fun, quality time together.


Meet Jonas Marcial

Inspired team

What are the top three INSPIRED activities at Sirena del Mar by Welk Resorts?

  1. San Jose City Tour – Get a taste of authentic Mexico with a visit and backstage pass to the artists’ community of San Jose del Cabo.
  2. Cabo Beach Adventure – Join the INSPIRED team for a local adventure to some of the most stunning beaches in all of Mexico.
  3. Mexican Fiesta – Live dancers, machete shows, delicious food and a view of the Sea of Cortez that cannot be beat!

See the full lineup of Cabo San Lucas activities here!

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy meeting different people from different places. Interacting and learning about who they are and where they came from is always fun.

What are two top memories you have interacting with guests? One of my favorite memories was when I went on an adventure with a family to see the turtle release. Another great memory was when I went with a family to La Paz to swim with the whale sharks!

Which INSPIRED activities are your favorite, and why? One would be Board Games Gone Wild. Everyone has such a great time laughing and screaming out the answers. Another is our Snorkel Tour. We leave the resort and take guests to some of the best beaches in Cabo for snorkeling. There are so many beautiful fish to see, it never gets old. Another favorite INSPIRED activity of mine would be Aqua Zumba. It’s a great workout for everyone and it never hurts to burn a few calories in our beautiful pool!


Meet Casey Dowling

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love being able to show guests the time of their lives. Whether it’s paddleboarding on beautiful Lake Tahoe, or snowmobiling the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it’s always fun helping guests see the natural beauty of the area through activities they don’t get to experience in everyday life.

What are the top three INSPIRED activities at Northstar Lodge by Welk Resorts?

  1. Grizzly Dowling’s Outdoor Survival Hike – One of many guided hikes offered each week that celebrates the spirit of adventure in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  2. Martis Valley Bike Adventure – An unforgettable ride from the resort steps, through Northstar’s forested trails and into the diverse landscape of the Martis Valley.
  3. Ride with a LocalDuring the winter months, this is the absolute best way for our guests to experience Northstar’s most incredible skiable terrain.<

See the full lineup of Lake Tahoe activities here!

Which INSPIRED activities are your favorite, and why? I would honestly say the Nature Walk. It’s a huge hit with our guests and my knowledge of the surrounding area has grown significantly—to the point where every guest looks amazed by the end of such a short yet relaxing activity.

What’s your favorite memory from interactions you’ve had with guests? My favorite memory was when I took guests snowmobiling to the top of Mount Watson and seeing Lake Tahoe in its full, breathtaking glory.

INSPIRED snowboarding activity

We appreciated the chance to sit down with the INSPIRED team for a little Q&A. With a crew like this, it’s easy to see why the INSPIRED For You program is such a hit at each Welk resort.

Ready to experience it yourself? Book a stay at Welk Resorts today and let’s have some FUN!

Stayed with us before? Tell us what INSPIRED activity is your favorite in a comment below!

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