Staff Spotlight: Join the Fiesta with Team Cabo

by: Welk Resorts | December 29, 2017

Nobody does guest engagement quite like Alejandro Neri and his team at Sirena del Mar in Cabo. Maybe it’s the wonderfully inviting Mexican hospitality that our guests always rave about. Maybe it’s the variety of entertaining and engaging activities happening each and every day.

Probably, it’s a little bit of both.

The point is Alejandro and his team are committed to helping their guests become part of the experience and live life to the fullest down in the crown jewel of the Baja Peninsula. That’s why we were so delighted to interview him and provide our readers a window into just how good it can get down at Sirena del Mar.

Concierge team at Cabo

On Hospitality, the Staff, and What to Expect

When a guest books a stay at Sirena del Mar, what should they expect when they arrive?
In a few words: your home away from home with a great, family-friendly staff that creates memories to cherish for a lifetime.

How would you characterize “Mexican hospitality”?
Mexican hospitality is well known around the world, especially for people from colder weather countries like USA and Canada. These guests especially are fascinated with our warmth and the way we make contact with foreigners and create new friendships right away.

Team at Welk Resorts Cabo

Describe your team in three words.
Honest. Efficient. Friendly.

What sets your team apart? Who are some of the exciting people that our guests will have the pleasure of meeting? What makes them so interesting?
Jonas, our activities director, is always ready to make new friends. He’s young and energetic—people really enjoy his activities. Charly, our restaurant supervisor, is always making sure our Owners and guests receive the service they deserve. Very attentive and friendly. Chef Omar is always willing to prepare something special for our guest to make their stay more memorable.

Kitchen team in Cabo

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’ve worked in customer service for 16 years. I started in a manufacturing company after graduating from administration and finance. After that, I decided to explore something different. I worked as a purchasing manager for one company, in the room division at another resort, and it was here that I realized that hotel customer service was my passion.

After attending Cornell University, I found the opportunity to work for the Welk Family, where I’ve been working for eight years. Working for Welk, I’ve come to know what true customer service and positive attitude are all about. I’ve also met a lot of guests that have become part of my life. All I can say is it’s been wonderful.

On Activities (and Whale Watching!?)

What kind of activities should our guests expect to participate in during their stay?
Try them all! We have aqua zumba, yoga class, margarita putting, paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, trivia nights, and San Jose city tours. You can also participate in our special events like Mexican party, Baja ceviche, Mexican mixology, tequila sipping, Taco Tuesday, Asadero Grill Night, and salsa and mojitos. Some events even feature live music!

What are some must-see annual events that take place in Cabo?
Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament, for sure. This is the richest fishing tournament in the world, held annually in Los Cabos. Anglers come from all over the world to try catching the biggest black and blue marlins. There’s also a big gathering and celebration surrounding the event.

And don’t forget Sabor a Cabo, a fundraising event that gathers some of the finest local and international chefs, who prepare their signature dishes for the attendees. Live music, too. All money raised is donated to local firemen, the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, and the Red Cross.

Okay, everyone wants to see the whales. Can you give us some details about whale season?
The Cabo San Lucas whale watching season officially begins December 15th and goes to April 15th, every year. This is based on the estimated arrival of the Gray Whales migrating south to Los Cabos.

However, the Gray Whales are usually preceded by the arrival of Humpback Whales.  Humpback Whales really determine the dates of the Cabo San Lucas whale watching season. Tours can be booked with our concierge—they always have the best recommendations.

On Living Like a Local

Any “insider tips”—locations, spots, beaches, restaurants, that only Cabo locals know about?
A few miles away from our resort, there are a few beaches, such as Chileno Bay and Santa Maria. Both of them are perfect for snorkeling, offering good chances to see a large variety of fish.

Balandra Bay is a beautiful beach for anyone who visits the La Paz area. When the tide is low, you can walk almost all the way across this calm, sandy bay. The calm, shallow waters make it a perfect place to take the kids.

Also, don’t miss Hotel California in Todos Santos. Be sure to walk around and check out local crafts and authentic local food.

Finally, Cerrito Beach (on the way to Todos Santos) is a great surfing beach, with plenty of vibrant nightlife nearby.

On the Current Tourism Atmosphere in Cabo

What is the current tourism atmosphere in Cabo?
As a destination that welcomes more than two million international travelers from all over the world each year, we understand that a secure travel environment is critical to the continued success of Los Cabos as a thriving destination. Working in close coordination with local authorities, we are committing all resources to ensure the health and safety of all visitors to Los Cabos. This year alone, the public and private sector have invested more than $47 million dollars to increase security personnel, equipment and infrastructure. 

Favorite Thing About Sirena del Mar

My staff! They are the heart of this resort, and they help our guests create memories that make them want to come back soon.

That is what I like the most.

View of Sirena Del Mar in Cabo

If that doesn’t get you revved up to book your next trip to Sirena del Mar and Welk Resorts Cabo, we don’t know what will! We’re so proud to call Alejandro and his team part of the Welk Resorts family, and we thank him for taking time to share some details about Cabo San Lucas. Seems like there’s only one thing left to do:

Let the fiesta begin!

Sirena del Mar Resort photos provided by Domingo Valdez

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10 Responses

  1. Margarita Marsetti says:

    We Love Cabo San Lucas Sirena Del Mar is the best place we have been for our Summer Vacation in July 2017. All the staff from the parking attendant to Concierge Gina is the greatest helps out all the time finding us the best places to go. Housekeeping Staff are so Awesome they work so hard and clean our rooms and leave them beautiful. For fun and activities of course its Jonas who is in charge of all the games and fun.
    We enjoy all your company, all the staff at Sirena del Mar are like Family they are so kind, and friendly and most of all treat you with respect. It’s a great feeling going back and seeing everyone in December 2017 it was great seeing you all. I miss Sirena Del Mar hope to see you all soon. Thank you for everything you do for us all. We greatly appreciate you all and keep up the good work, praying you all get raises. God bless you all .

    Love always
    Margarita Marsetti & Familia

    • Welk Resorts says:

      Hi Margarita and Family,
      We’re so glad that you’re an Owner with Welk Resorts and that you enjoyed your stay at Sirena del Mar! We’d love to have you all join us again soon 🙂 Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  2. Margaret Wilson says:

    Actually, we are not Welk owners and regret not buying with this HONEST company. We have traveled extensively, stayed in a lot of Interval International resorts, Air B & B and private owned properties but my husband and I agree SIENNA DEL MAR IS #1 above all the others. The staff are the hardest working team ever, the grounds and villa was immaculate, the activities were very well planned, the views of GOD’s CREATION was breathtaking, the pools crystal clear. The only reason we have not returned is the flights from our home was so long and difficult. I tell everyone to go there ASAP.

    • Welk Resorts says:

      Hi Margaret, we’re so glad you enjoy staying with us at Sirena del Mar! We hope you are able to visit again soon 🙂

  3. Dorothy says:

    Do you offer All inclusive options?

  4. Adrian Garcia says:

    Having just had knee surgery 3 days ago, this raises my spirits, knowing I’ll be seeing everyone in a few weeks, and I can’t wait!
    First off, the staff at Sirena is second to none. I second Alejandro’s sentiment of them being my favorite thing about the resort. They have become my second family. There’s always a smiling face waiting for you around every corner.
    I’ve been going to Sirena since it first opened, and have gone back every year since except for when Hurricane Odile forced cancellation of a couple of trips. When that happened, I wasn’t worried about my missed trips, I was more worried about all my friends at the resort and in Cabo. I loved the fact that Welk set up a fund for the employees that were impacted, which was pretty much everyone, where we as owners were able to donate directly to it. I didn’t hear of any of the other resorts in the area doing that.
    Anyone reading this who’s never been to Sirena because they’re afraid of Mexico, don’t be. Go, ASAP! The liberal media here in the states is always looking to sensationalize the news, and unfortunately Cabo gets a bad rap because of it. The resort is safe, Cabo is safe. I’ve been several times by myself, driven all over, and have never had an issue. Go fishing, go golfing, do a cooking class, do the AmazeInCabo race(if you’re a fan of the Amazing Race, this is a must), rent a SeaDoo, go release baby turtles, you name it, you can do it, safely.
    If you want a vacation that you’ll truly love and remember, start by booking your week at Sirena, and let the magic of Cabo take you away. There’s so much to do, you’ll find yourself coming back because you can’t do it all in one, two or even 10 trips. I know I haven’t. And no, I don’t work for Welk, I just love Cabo and love mi familia at Sirena del Mar.
    Lastly, I’m looking forward to returning in March, bringing some cousins with to celebrate a 50th birthday, in what’s looking to be the first of 3 trips to see you all this year!

    Be blessed, be safe and best wishes to everyone!
    Adrian Garcia

  5. Teresa Chamberlain says:

    My husband, myself and our boys stayed at your resort Sirena Del Mar just recently for Spring Break!! We enjoyed everything about our stay. Your staff all around are very helpful and friendly. The waitstaff were some of the best ever. We highly recommend your resort and hope to see you in the future!!!

    • Welk Resorts says:

      We’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay at Sirena del Mar, Teresa! Our staff takes pride in making every guest feel welcome and providing a memorable experience. We can’t to Welk-ome you all back!

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