A Tahoe Winter Getaway with the Radovanovic Family

Little girl at Lake Tahoe sledding slope.
by: Welk Resorts | September 17, 2019

Vacations with small children might terrify quite a few parents — and for good reason! Traveling with kids requires a whole new level of planning and patience. Even the smallest trip includes a detailed checklist:

Now, add some snow to the mix and you have a real party!

One of our guests, Ana Radovanovic, was ready for that snow party with her family (husband and two young children — ages 4 and 2). Originally from Serbia and now residing in San Diego, Ana describes herself as a hardworking, travel-loving mom who places her family above everything else. Her biggest goal in life is, “to give my children a broad view of the world and expose them to as many cultures and languages as I can. I love learning from my children, but I also love teaching them about the world around them.

And one element of the world her kids hadn’t experienced yet was…SNOW!

Ana decided their next family adventure would be the beautiful alpine area of Lake Tahoe, CA. The mountains were expecting tons of fresh powder that winter, and our Northstar Lodge resort had all the amenities to keep her family super cozy and comfortable.

Tahoe winter

The kids are prepped and ready for their snow day!

“I thought the resort was out of a fairytale. Beautifully organized, beautiful architecture, everything in accessible walking distance — one of the best places for families to spend time together,” said Ana about their experience at Northstar Lodge, located at the base of Northstar California ski area in Truckee, CA.

Tahoe villas

The winter wonderland view from the Radovanovics’ villa.

Tahoe winter

Experiencing snow for the first time on their own wagon expedition!

It was the first time her little kiddos had ever seen or experienced real snow, and Ana was blown away by how the resort made it easy for them to enjoy it with convenient access to shops, the gondola, and so much more!

Tahoe winter fun

A few feet of fluffy fun!

“It is winter heaven for small and big kids, friends, families, and adults!” says Ana, “My favorite moment was seeing my kids see and touch the snow — I saw the happiest and most amazed faces!”

Tahoe winter fun

Fresh powder, just begging to be played in!

With so much fun to be had, they never felt stuck indoors. Ana and her family enjoyed some unique activities nearby, like building huge snowmen and making snow angels by the Village skating rink.

Snow angels at The Village Skating Rink

Temporarily buried in snow, the Northstar Village Ice Skating Rink turned out to be a fun snow escapade!

The kids also had a blast riding the gondola right next to the resort lobby. No need to trek everyone and their gear across the mountain to the lift!

Little girl on Lake Tahoe gondola.

Riding the Highlands Gondola up the mountain, safe for the whole family!

This convenient ride became a new, exciting experience for the kids to travel up and down the mountain. Everyone enjoyed the stunning views of the winter wonderland outside with fresh snowfall and the breathtaking scenery. It also gave them a chance to check out other areas of the mountain for a change of pace and more non-stop fun!

Plus, not too far from the resort, they found a sledding area in Lake Tahoe City where they spent half the day having a blast — a great way to burn off some rambunctious toddler energy!

Sledding in Tahoe

Sledding all day in Lake Tahoe City kept both kids and adults entertained for hours.

Little girl at Lake Tahoe sledding slope.

And all the good times didn’t stop once the family headed indoors. Having a fully-equipped kitchen with modern and high-end appliances, utensils, and even pots and pans made it easy for Ana to prepare meals for the entire family — especially for her little one who has strict dietary needs due to allergies. They loved the washer and dryer in their villa, allowing everyone to have fresh, dry clothes (a must-have after snowball fights and making snow angels). And after hours of fun each day, the large, luxury beds and private rooms made bedtime a relaxing and peaceful time together.

“[It’s] a place where a parent doesn’t have to worry about a thing,” says Ana. “Our villa had a kitchen, […] washer and dryer (which was a lifesaver), and two bathtubs the size of a room! The kids thought this was their new home!”

Tahoe resorts

A cozy evening with bedtime stories made them feel right at home.

Curious what Ana’s favorite amenity was during their trip? The heated garage — making it easy to get in and out of the resort without facing the cold!

“Having small kids, this was everything! First of all, your car is never snowed in or cold. Second, my kids didn’t have to put on their jackets while going to the car (every parent knows it can be a pain to buckle up the car seat with bulky jackets).” From outdoor exploring to grocery shopping, they could get out on the road with ease.

Tahoe heated garage

There’s no need to rush or hustle when you have a heated garage in the winter!

As a hard-working mom who values time with her family, Ana appreciated how the resort made her family getaway as stress-free as possible.

Family winter getaway

Everyone decked out and ready for an adventure!

“One of the vacations that will stay forever in our hearts…Welk Resorts is a lifesaver for parents with children.”

Ready for your own snowy family adventure without the hassle? Check out our two Lake Tahoe area resorts, Northstar Lodge and One Village Place, or call 866.231.6556 for more information.

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