Take a Break from the Day-to-Day in Paradise

Standing on a boat in Cabo
by: Welk Resorts | January 27, 2017

Greg and Rosie Sclank-Lopez are new Welk Owners, having purchased during a recent visit to Sirena del Mar in by Welk Resorts in Cabo San Lucas this past October.

We asked Greg and Rosie to describe their experience of becoming Owners. Greg tells us, “Although this was our first time to Sirena del Mar, it was not our first time to Cabo San Lucas. We booked our travel through Expedia, as we normally do, but never expected to receive an experience like we received at Welk Resorts.

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly staff willing to help with everything we needed during our stay. Based on this service, I was willing to book a tour to learn more, even though we were hesitant about taking the presentation because we had been to others like it before.

Prior to the presentation, through our gifts, we were able to dine at an amazing local four-star steakhouse, La Vaca Pinta, which we highly recommend. The service and quality there matched the upscale experience at Welk Resorts. We were also able to go sailing with our gift, which was another experience that I will never forget. Sailing on the ocean with the breeze and the views made it all so spectacular. The only way to describe my experience on my entire vacation was that I was “completely taken back” by all of it.

At our presentation, Mike, our tour guide, was very nice and understanding. After a little bit of time talking it over, my wife and I reasoned that since we will be retiring in the near future, we should consider this so we can enjoy it with our family. We want our children and their children to have the same memories we are making right now.

Even though we came on regular vacation, we left as Owners with the feeling of a brighter future. We do not regret making this decision for one minute and becoming part of the Welk Resort family”

The motivation to become a Welk Owner is different for everyone. We asked Greg to tell us one deciding factor that impacted them the most. “There are a lot of reasons, but the feeling of being cared for by the welcoming people from the beginning of our vacation was the most important.” El Arco Cabo San Lucas

We asked Greg and Rosie if they had any tips for other Owners traveling to Cabo San Lucas, and how best to make the most of their vacation time. Here’s what they had to say:
“A week is not enough time to evaluate what memories can be made. My recommendation is that you stay longer because you will not want to leave. The entire experience really took us back and it really is a home away from home. The villas have everything you need which really leaves time to just enjoy yourself. The sights, the restaurant, the ambiance, the beach, the marina, the mountain landscape, the boating and the pool are all a very nice blend of what you are looking for in a vacation.” We asked Greg and Rosie about the best part of their vacation, and to tell us the one reason they will be returning to Cabo San Lucas. They said, “We will return to get a break from day-to-day life in absolute paradise.”

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