Live Like a Local – Unforgettable Winter Activities in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe ski and snowboard
by: Welk Resorts | January 27, 2017

Sometimes planning a vacation seems like work, from booking to travel arrangements, packing and unpacking. However, once you arrive, the real test is how quickly you disconnect, slow down, and just listen. The secret that locals will share with you is that the real joy comes in listening to the sound of nature. The serenity that lies in the wilderness around the lake is where you can hear the quiet. This is no different when you’re looking for amazing winter activities in Lake Tahoe. It’s the whisper of the wind, hearing the trees blow back and forth, that can bring a sense of calm – a feeling you may not have had before, or have not felt in years. It is in the moment you stand on a mountaintop in awe and amazement of all the beautiful landscape, that you will never regret having made the plans to go.a

Welk believes in not just visiting a destination, but really experiencing it. With this in mind, we tapped into our expert travel resources – our local Welk family members – and crafted a unique set of INSPIRED activities, just for you.

Here are just a few unforgettable experiences awaiting you at Welk Resorts Lake Tahoe:

Winter activities in Lake Tahoe: Woman Skiing

    • “Ride with a Local” – Two days a week, our INSPIRED activities manager will take our skilled ski and snowboard enthusiasts to some of the best rideable terrains on the mountain. The experience is free, although guests must buy a lift ticket.


    • “Sierra Snowshoe Tour” – Hosted by our INSPIRED activities staff and leaving from the resort, guests will enjoy a one-hour trek into Tahoe’s beautiful forested trails, learn about the terrain, and enjoy the peaceful stillness of a mountain landscape draped in snow. This experience is extremely approachable for guests of all ages and abilities.


  • Snowmobile Tour – Hosted by our INSPIRED activities manager, Welk guests are taken on a private tour through the Sierra Nevada mountains, accompanied by a “follow-me” drone that records footage as the group charges across the snowy mountain terrain—an amazing memento of your winter activities in Lake Tahoe.
    The cost is $160 per sled.


Of course, vacationing like a local can also be a hungry business. Any trusted travel expert will tell you that no destination has been fully experienced until you have sat down and indulged with the locals.

From our favorite burger joints to the hidden-gem wine tasting room, we’ve put together a list of places that are sure not to disappoint. Winter activities in Lake Tahoe: A group out dining together

    • Char-Pit – Locals know, this is the best burger in town!






Start planning your escape to Welk Resorts Lake Tahoe disconnect and discover your inner calmness with these and other great winter activities in Lake Tahoe.


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