Wedding Welcome Bags Your Out-of-Town Guests Will Love

by: Welk Resorts | June 22, 2017

Creating a unique wedding welcome bag for your out-of-town guests is the perfect way to greet family and friends. If you know your friends and relatives are traveling from another city, or even another country, welcome them with hand-picked items that will make them feel appreciated and loved.

Your wedding day is bound to be overwhelming and you might not get the chance to warmly welcome each and every guest. You can still make them feel like a special part of your big day by surprising them with treats, toiletries, or snacks. Undecided about what to add to the goodies bag? Read on to discover six creative welcome bags and baskets that will make out-of-towners feel pampered and thankful.

The Sweets & Snacks Welcome Bag

Nothing says “Welcome to the happiest day of my life!” better than sweet treats and savory snacks. Greet out-of-towners with a bag full of locally sourced food to give them a taste of local delicatessens while supporting independent farmers and markets.

Keep in mind that some of your out-of-towners might be vegetarian, vegan, gluten or lactose intolerant, so try to create a welcome bag that suits different needs. To do this, include fresh local fruit, as well as seeds and nuts that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or diet restrictions. Honey is always a hit! Of course, you can also add in cheese wedges and sugary treats for an extra hint of decadence.

To make this welcome bag even more appealing to your friends and relatives, you can include complimentary tools and accessories they can keep as a token of your appreciation. Give them something to remember the day by in the form of a wooden cheese board carved with your wedding date, or a sophisticated wine corkscrew.

wedding basket

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The Custom-Made Welcome Tote

Do you have a talented painter, illustrator, or designer in your close circle of friends? Invite them to come up with a personalized tote design for out-of-town wedding guests.

A practical yet thoughtful gift, the tote can be reused time and time again, helping your guest remember that special occasion. The illustration on the tote can be a stylized version of the bride and groom, a central motif from your party (like a décor item or a flower), or even abstract art. Anything that reminds them of your special day.

Surprise your loved ones with this considerate present, but don’t shy away from going the extra mile and adding some more goodies in their personalized tote. Friends and family coming in from other cities will appreciate a guide with the bride and groom’s favorite places to visit. Let your imagination run wild and include spots like restaurants and pubs, vintage shops, nail spas and museums.

Flowers make a great finishing touch for the custom-made welcome tote. Stick to your main theme and add in a few flowers that you used in your table arrangements. These will help tell a beautiful story, tie everything together, and make your giftees feel welcome and pampered.

custom tote

Photo by Liz Banfield, located at http://www.brides.com/gallery/creative-wedding-welcome-bag-ideas#slide=1

The Hangover Kit

Your guests will have a lot of fun on the big day, dining and dancing well into the night. Make the day after your wedding night a comfortable one with a practical recovery kit.

Smartwater, Emergen-C, and soothing, flavored lip balm can do wonders the morning after a fun wedding celebration. Include a mini bubble bath set for the guest to take home. And don’t forget the Advil for the guests who enjoyed that extra glass of champagne!

hangover kit

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The Sweet Dreams Bag

After a long drive or flight, reward your out-of-town guests with a bag full of goodies that will help them sleep well and be rested for the big day. To achieve a minimalist Sweet Dreams bag, include a robe and slippers. Choose high-quality fabrics that will make out-of-towners feel regal. Not only will your friends and family feel spoiled on the night before your wedding, they will be able to keep your gift, cherish it, and remember those sweet moments for years to come.

Don’t skimp on the slippers either: choose the comfiest, fluffiest pair for your guests’ goody bag and leave them feeling like they are walking on clouds. Complete the package with a silk sleep mask for sensitive sleepers, a pair of earbuds, and an aromatherapy essential oil like lavender for a wonderful night’s sleep.

wedding basket

Photo by SB Gifting Guide, located at https://bridalguide.com/planning/wedding-planning-basics/wedding-welcome-baskets?page=7%2C1

The Beach Essentials Bag

Are you going to say “Yes!” on a beautiful, pristine beach? Then include beach essentials in your gift bag to help guests enjoy the water and sunshine. Start creating this fun and quirky bag with a beach towel in your favorite colors. This will come in handy for any guest who decides to cool off in the ocean or pool. Sunscreen is another beach bag essential that will be welcome by all out-of-towners, especially by those who forgot to bring their own. If possible, make your own packaging or add twine or string around the bottle to make it look more festive.

Think outside the box and put in other gifts that will make your friends smile. Add in your favorite book and write a dedication on the first page. Consider adding a pair of cute sunglasses or sandals for that extra touch.

beach basket

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The DIY Bag

Crafty couples can inspire guests with a creative DIY bag. The possibilities are virtually endless—it’s up to you what theme to choose.

You can put together a baking DIY bag and provide guests all the ingredients and recipe instructions they need to make your favorite pancakes. Add in the toppings as well, such as tiny jars of jam, honey, or Nutella.

If you’re not a big fan of cooking or baking, gift your friends and family all the necessary ingredients they need to make a DIY face mask, including clay powders and nourishing oils.

diy bag

Photo by KT Merry, https://southernweddings.com/2014/11/17/southern-weddings-v7-holy-city-hospitality/

Weddings are a magical and special moment in any couple’s life. However, planning everything can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with a long list of out-of-towners. Make them feel welcome with a thoughtful welcome bag from this list.

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Wedding welcome basket in room at Welk Resorts San Diego

The Concierge team at each Welk Resorts location will be happy to place your welcome bags in each room before your guests arrive — adding that special touch that your friends and family will never forget. That way, you’ll have time to focus on what really matters: your big day!

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