It’s Showtime! Welk Resort Theatre Lobby Dazzles After Renovation

by: Suzanna Kincaid | July 17, 2018

All the world’s a stage, and we’re happy to bring you one of the best! Exciting things have been happening over at Welk Resort Theatre at our San Diego resort. We’ve been busy at work making some fresh renovations to our beloved theatre lobby to help make your visits even more magical. Read on for some before and after photos, treasured memories, and what’s coming up next!

Blast From the Past

The great legacy of our Welk Resort Theatre began with our dedication festivities in November of 1980. During this event, we unveiled “The Lawrence Welk Story,” a warm and loving film tribute to our favorite music man. Eight months later, in 1981, our first live theatre performance provided guests with some fabulous entertainment with Broadway’s “Barefoot in the Park,” starring Dorothy Lamour.

Welk Resort Theatre renovation: photo of theatre in 1982

Welk Resort Theatre in 1982. Photo by Drew B.

Since then, a number of famous faces (as well as Tony- and Emmy-winning actors) have graced our stage, including Nanette Fabray, June Lockhart, Dorothy Lamour, Jerry Lacy, Ellen Bry, Richard Kline, and Jack Klugman.

Welk Resort Theatre Renovation: Photo of Jerry Lacy and Julia Duffy

Photo of Jerry Lacy and Julia Duffy after their production of Harvey at Welk Resort Theatre.


Lawrence Welk’s legacy is to provide the customer what they want, and so we want to ensure your theatre-going experience is always magical! On your next visit, be sure to enjoy our completely renovated lobby, with a new bar and concession area, comfortable lounge seating and box office reception area, as well as a new tribute to Lawrence Welk’s long-spanning career.

Before and after gif of Welk Resort Theatre lobby renovation.

Check out this stunning before and after transformation!

New bar in the renovated Welk Resort Theatre in San Diego.

The new bar offers our guests the chance to enjoy a smooth, relaxing drink during their theatre experience.

Photo of light fixture in the renovated Welk Resort Theatre lobby.

Enjoy the new champagne bubbles you’ll find in the lobby.

New plush seating area in the Welk Resort Theatre Lobby in San Diego

With our stylish, comfortable seating areas, you can relax and enjoy all aspects of your theatre outing.

Lawrence Welk Tribute

Since it began in 1980, our theatre has told The Lawrence Welk Story and we’re glad to continue this tradition. With our recent updates, we’ve brought new life and fun to helping guests young and old feel the magic that started with Lawrence Welk.

Timeline of Lawrence Welk history in the San Diego theatre lobby.

The history of Lawrence Welk with a detailed timeline of his life and accomplishments.

Photo of Lawrence Welk in the renovated San Diego Welk Resort Theatre.

With a legacy built by a world-class performer, Welk Resort Theatre continues to provide stellar entertainment.

Photo of Lawrence Welk quote from inside the San Diego Welk Resort Theatre.

Lawrence Welk and his dedicated drive still inspire everything we do at Welk Resorts.

Come See For Yourself

There’s tons of fun things happening at Welk Resort Theatre. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Book your tickets to one of the exciting shows we have coming up and see for yourself!

Our first major production to welcome guests back is the Broadway hit Mamma Mia! This exciting musical brings some of the greatest ABBA hits to life with lively choreography, hilarious jokes, and entertainment for everyone. Come join in on the fun on Saturdays at 1pm and 8pm and Sundays at 1pm until February 24, 2019.


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    We will be visiting next June – why is there such a big point difference in the two San Diego sections? And can both use the same facilities? When will June schedule be available to book? Thank you.

    • Welk Resorts says:

      Hi Nancy, we’re excited to #Welkome you next summer! The point values are based on the size of the villa and it’s sleeping capacity, and the pools and recreation centers are open to all guests. For more assistance booking, please call Owner Services at 855-455-9355. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

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