Welk Rocks Out at KAABOO

by: Welk Resorts | November 3, 2017

From some of the biggest headliners in rock n’ roll history to live art installations to chefs dueling it out, KAABOO is a festival custom-designed for the senses. And Welk Resorts was front and center for all the action this past September. We were thrilled when a couple of our valued Owners, Ernesto Flores and his fiancée Lisette Saucedo, spontaneously swung by the Welk VIP suite and joined us for the fun! We caught up with them afterwards to talk about their experience.

Couple at KAABOO

Which days did you attend?

Ernesto: We went Friday night to make sure we didn’t miss the incredible line-up.

How did you manage to pull off scoring VIP access? That’s pretty cool!

Ernesto: We were looking for our friends and thought they might be in that area. We had no idea it was actually a VIP area. We walked up to the line, and the attendant asked if we had a yellow band on, and we did—just not the right yellow band. They let us in anyway, and we proceeded to the tents, once again having no clue it was a VIP area. Once we walked into a tent, we could clearly see that it wasn’t for general admission, so we moved on. That’s when we saw a Welk Resorts sign on the next tent. We thought, ‘What the heck, we’re Welk Owners, let’s go in.’ That’s when we were greeted by your VP of Marketing, and he gladly invited us in to enjoy the reception. Score!

That’s pretty amazing. So, what was your favorite headliner?

Lisette: Red Hot Chili Peppers, hands down. They put on such an epic show!

What other acts caught your eye?

Ernesto: Honestly, we were really surprised by the X Ambassadors. What a show! We were rocking out all night!

Kaaboo wrist bands

Most festivals have a distinct vibe or feel to them—what was the overall vibe at KAABOO?

Lisette: I loved the vibe at the festival. It was relaxing, well-organized, and the weather was perfect, which made it so much more enjoyable than other festivals I’ve attended. I can’t wait to go back next year.

What advice or tips do you have for anyone looking to attend next year?

Ernesto: Don’t drive—it’s a nightmare trying to get out of the parking lot! If you can, hop on the coaster and get off at Solana Beach. It’s a quick shuttle ride from there.

Final thoughts on your experience with Welk Resorts, both at the concert and in general?

Ernesto: We love our Welk Ownership. Their hospitality at the festival was consistent with our experience at the vacation resorts—everyone is always so welcoming and willing to do anything to make our stay enjoyable. It was a joy meeting everyone. Thank you again for being such a great partner!

Wow. Can’t say we’re not a little jealous of Lisette and Ernesto’s VIP KAABOO experience! Did you make it out to KABOO 2017? Drop us a note in the comment section and tell us about your most memorable festival experience. We’re all ears!


*Images provided by Ernesto Flores

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