“Chilling” in Cabo: Why You Should Winter in Mexico

Winter in Mexico: woman on beach
by: Welk Resorts | February 19, 2019

When winter comes around, many of us are dealing with snow, rain, and adding layers to our wardrobe to brace the daily cold weather. If you’re looking for an escape to a better climate, we’ve got the solution for you—an international vacation in Mexico! When you’re ready for a well-deserved break from snow shovels and scarves, consider spending part of your winter in Mexico and add a whole new definition to “chilling” this season. Keep reading for a number of reasons why this is the most popular time to visit this part of the world!

Make the Most of the Weather

If you’re looking for a change in your local climate, you can find it all when you visit our southern neighbor. The climate and weather closer to the equator is more temperate, so much of the country is warmer throughout the entire year. Weather along the coast especially tends to be a little warmer, averaging 78 degrees during the months of December, January, and February—helping you chase away those winter blues!

Winter in Mexico: A cove in Cabo San Lucas

The gorgeous cove by Welk Resorts in Cabo

Places like Cabo San Lucas boast warm, dry weather and idyllic beaches to relax on and help you forget the dark and dreary days of winter. Enjoy the pristine beaches and numerous aquatic adventures to fill your days like paddleboarding, kayaking, and more. If you’re a sun lover, you trade in the experience of piling on the snow gear for frolicking in the sand with a bathing suit on and a drink in your hand.

Winter in Mexico: Popocatépetl volcano

Popocatépetl volcano. Photo by Alejandro Linares Garcia

If you want to embrace the winter season and enjoy some snow in Mexico, great powder can be found up in the mountain ranges near Monterey and Mexico City. For a stunning view with an extra dose of adventure, there are tours of Popocatépetl National Park to see the still active volcano with snow-capped peaks.

Enjoy the Winter Holidays in Mexico

Winter in Mexico: Christmas Celebrations

Christmas celebrations in Mexico. Photo by Banderas News

Mexico celebrates many familiar events and local cultural festivals in winter, especially during the holidays. The entire month of December is filled with festivals, fairs, and parades. One great celebration is the Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. This time is set aside to honor the patron saint of the region. During Christmas and the New Year, even the smallest towns throw extravagant fiestas. And thanks to the warm temperatures, no one minds extending the parties outside where people often dance in the streets until morning.

Winter in Mexico: Carnaval

Carnaval is full of vibrant outfits and festive celebrations. Photo by Tribuna de Los Cabos

The fun celebrations don’t stop during the rest of winter. January is a more quiet month with religious events like Fiesta de San Antonio de Abad. During this festival, animals are brought to local churches to be blessed. In February, things get very exciting with Carnaval. This week-long celebration features parades, events, and all kinds of fun in the week before Lent begins. While more popular in Brazil, Carnaval is full of fanfare throughout all of Mexico.

Appreciate the Wildlife

Winter in Mexico: Frigatebird

The frigatebird is a local to Baja California Sur. Photo by Baja Unbound

During winter in Mexico, animals are common visitors as they too migrate looking for warmer temperatures and sun. As you enjoy your vacation, you are bound to encounter flocks of birds and butterflies. In fact, bird lovers flock to Nayarit in late January and early February for the Migratory Birds Festival.

The winter guests don’t just come to Cabo San Lucas area by air. Starting in December, gray whales become regular visitors along the coast. The whales show up as part of a migratory breeding pattern to have their calves in the Sea of Cortez before they head back north with their babies for the rest of the year. From December to April, these amazing creatures can be seen swimming and diving, making for some breathtaking sights on cruises through the harbor.

Hit the Greens

Winter in Mexico: Cabo del Sol

Hole 17 from the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol. Photo by Golf Advisor

If golfing is your sport of choice, things can get tricky during wintertime with many spots in the United States covered in snow. But with the great weather in Mexico, you can play throughout the entire year! Some of the most famous golfers in the world have played or created courses in the region. In fact, you can try out Diamante Cabo San Lucas created by Davis Love III and Tiger Woods or two courses at Cabo del Sol designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf.

Winter in Mexico: Quivira Golf

It’s no surprise that Quivira has amazing views with its prime location. Photo by Quivira

One of the most beautiful clubs right next to Cabo San Lucas is Quivira. This gorgeous location features winding paths along the side of a small mountain to enjoy between holes. In addition to unbelievable views of the Sea of Cortez, this course also has “comfort stations” for you to enjoy that serve beer, margaritas, and food.

Savor the Local Food and Drink

Winter in Mexico: Farmer's Market

Fresh, local produce at a Cabo farmer’s market. Photo by ifoodreal

You can find some of the best foods in the world are found in Mexico. You’ll find great offerings all year because of the temperate weather with fresh, seasonal items featured in many local dishes. In Cabo, many local restaurants and eateries take a farm-to-table approach with vegetables and herbs for some healthier, tastier options than you might usually find on vacation. Also, with such prime access, the fish that is caught directly from the coastal waters may be some of the freshest you’ll ever try.

Winter in Mexico: Cocktails

Some of the delicious cocktails available from the bartenders at Sirena del Mar.

Drinks are just as delicious, especially with great local wineries and breweries to keep your cup full. Don’t forget regional cocktails that will bring unique flavors you won’t find every day back home. Guests staying at Sirena del Mar, in particular, get to partake in the popular Mexican Mixology Class, where expert bartenders teach you how to make mouthwatering margaritas and custom cocktails. It’s the perfect afternoon activity on a warm winter Cabo day!

Take in Picturesque Architecture

Winter in Mexico: Church of Saint Luke

The Church of Saint Luke. Photo by Los Cabos Guide

With all the gorgeous sun, you can get a true taste of the culture of Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area through its amazing architecture and art. Check out small religious buildings like the Church of Saint Luke next to the town square or larger sites like the Iglesia De Nuestra Señora Pilar. A great option to explore if you’re taking a tour is the Lighthouse of the False Cape. Reachable by horseback or ATV, this abandoned site offers amazing views over the water and an up-close look at a structure built as far back as 1860.

To make the most of your winter getaway to Mexico, book at stay at Welk Resorts Cabo San Lucas. Our stunning Sirena del Mar resort offers amazing views, personalized attention, and luxury to take your vacation to the next level.

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