No special permits or bonds are needed, unless you plan to continue on to Mexico's mainland. You will need a valid driver’s license issued by your state of residence. Be sure to get Mexican insurance before crossing the border, as your U.S. insurance is not valid in Mexico. Do not drive in Mexico without insurance. While you are purchasing insurance, get a map that shows the locations of gas stations. Keep your gas tank as close to full as possible, even if it means extra stops. You never know when the next gas station will be closed or out of gas. It is a good idea to carry a gas can, with gas in it.The roads are constantly patrolled by the Green Angels (daytime hours only) who will help with gas and very minor repairs. These angels of mercy will pass by eventually, although you will probably be helped before they do by others passing by. The roads are generally safe, but narrow by U.S. standards, be extra careful. Do not drive at night unless you are curious about the real meaning of "Road Kill". Even in the daytime, you will need to watch out for cattle and other animals crossing the highway.