We are thrilled to announce our new vacation exchange partnership with RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange. Offering the world’s largest vacation exchange network — more than 4,300 resorts in nearly 110 countries — RCI provides unrivaled products and new technologies that add amazing value to your Welk Platinum Ownership. We understand that no matter how busy life gets, you cherish the time you set aside each year to get away. Your RCI Platinum® membership brings you the best resorts in the world, and even more flexibility to go where you want to go.

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Welk Curated 1000

We hand-selected the highest-rated resorts in the RCI exchange portfolio that match our Welk properties in quality, accommodations, and amenities, making it even easier for you to pick the perfect resort for your next vacation.

The Registry Collection®

With RCI, you have access to The Registry Collection, an elite group of signature vacation selections, including exclusive fine homes, private residence clubs, yacht clubs, and more.


The RCI Exchange Portfolio

RCI is the leader in vacation exchange companies, offering more than 4,300 RCI-affiliated resorts in nearly 110 countries. With over 1,000 of those properties rated as RCI Gold Crown Resorts, you can arrive with confidence that your RCI exchange vacation will live up to your expectations.1

Simplified Exchange Process

No need to bank weeks in advance. Simply choose your vacation destination and confirm with RCI first — that’s real-time exchange! You can search all resorts in the system for availability and see their values in your Platinum Points. And there are exciting new offerings to come.


Vacation Discounts

Enjoy an additional 10% OFF all your Extra VacationsSM getaways and Last CallSM vacations — even those already on sale.1,4

Extra VacationsSM are cash vacations on seven-night getaways — no exchange of Points needed — often for less than the cost of a hotel! Prices start as low as $399 per week (that’s only $57 per night). 1,2

Last CallSM vacations are last-minute, week-long resort vacations always less than $300 per week, booked at 45 days or less from check-in. You can find incredible vacation opportunities at the last minute! 1,3

Free On-Hold Vacations

Not quite ready to book? We’ll hold your vacation for you, without a fee, while you iron out those last-minute details.

Priority Access

Get exclusive access to exchange vacations at select hotels and resorts — before they’re made available to standard RCI® subscribing members for exchange.

Complimentary Upgrades and Changes

When you book your exchange vacation, just let us know you’re interested in a unit upgrade or resort change. Within two weeks of check-in, if one of the resorts you’ve specified, or a bigger unit at your confirmed resort becomes available, we’ll change your reservation and provide you with the details. 5


Welcome to the world of Luxury Without Limits®. Visit places that will leave you breathless with wonder and enriched by unexpected experiences. The Registry Collection is comprised of luxury homes, private residence clubs, yacht clubs, and more. Enjoy an ever-growing list of exciting new places and vacation experiences, plus value-added services and special benefits including:

Exchange Privileges

Approximately 200 affiliated properties that are either accessible for exchange, or under development, in more than 40 countries across six continents.1

Reservation Consultants

Take advantage of professional travel advisors to help make reservations — and suggestions — for your exchange vacations.

Read More Do I have to be a member of RCI?
RCI Platinum® membership is included as a part of your Welk Resorts Platinum Program Ownership.
Read More As a Welk Resorts Platinum Program Owner, can I be a member of both RCI and Interval International?
Yes, you can. Welk has an exclusive exchange agreement with RCI. One of the benefits of your Welk Resorts Platinum Program Ownership is annual RCI Platinum membership. Should you choose to exchange with Interval International, you will be responsible for the payment of the membership dues directly to Interval International.
Read More How do I make an exchange using my Platinum Points with RCI?
Log in to the Welk Resorts Owner’s Lounge and click on the NEW! RCI Platinum Member Site to link to your RCI account and start searching RCI inventory. No separate ID or password is required. If you prefer to make your exchange by phone, you may call our RCI dedicated Welk service line (833.803.WELK), and an RCI Vacation Guide will assist.
Read More What are the RCI exchange fees for weeks and Points?
Read More How long do I have to use my Platinum Points that I deposited with RCI?
You no longer have to pre-deposit your Platinum Points. As an RCI Platinum member, you have the flexibility of Confirm First, meaning you can check availability on your desired vacation destination, then apply the necessary currency to book your exchange. With your Platinum Points, you will be able to book an exchange reservation for RCI Weeks up to two years in advance for a full Week stay (i.e., seven consecutive nights) or an RCI Points exchange up to 10 months in advance for as little as a nightly stay. However, if you want to deposit your expiring Platinum Points, please call Owner Services for assistance at 855.455.WELK.
Read More Will I get a bonus week when I exchange in the RCI system?
Yes, you will earn a bonus week for every exchange transaction made within RCI, regardless of the duration of stay, including stays for less than a full Week (i.e., seven consecutive nights). Bonus week certificates can be redeemed from 2 to 365 days from check-in date. Certificates are valid for 12 months from the exchange transaction date and are only available in full Week increments. To redeem, you must call the RCI dedicated Welk service line (833.803.WELK). The exchange fee is equal to the then current “RCI Weeks” exchange fee, regardless of the villa size.
Read More I am a Welk Resorts Platinum Program Owner and I have an existing membership with RCI. Will I get a new membership number? Will I get a refund for what I already paid for my current membership?
As part of your Welk Resorts Platinum Program Ownership, you are automatically given a new RCI Platinum membership and assigned a new membership ID. If your RCI membership is tied directly to your Welk Resorts Platinum Program Ownership, you can request to cancel your existing membership and will be issued a pro-rated refund. Note: if you have an unredeemed deposit or pending reservation on your existing RCI account, call RCI for assistance. If your existing RCI membership is a Weeks or Points membership, you will need to maintain that membership separately, since those exchanges transact differently.
Read More I already have a Weeks or Points membership with RCI, can I combine my new RCI membership with my current one?
As a Welk Resorts Platinum Program Owner, you automatically qualify for the highest level of RCI membership – RCI Platinum. Due to the unique exchange benefits this membership offers, it cannot be merged with other existing RCI membership accounts.
Read More Why can’t I see my RCI Platinum membership in Owner’s Lounge?
Please call Owner Services for assistance at 855.455.WELK.
Read More What if I have a Confirmed Exchange with Interval International that was made before the transition to RCI?
Your future vacation is not affected by the transition to RCI. However, all Confirmed Exchanges require an active Interval International membership through date of travel, which all Welk Resorts Platinum Program Owners will be responsible for paying after December 31, 2018.
Read More What if I deposited/saved my Platinum Points with Interval International before the transition to RCI?
Your Platinum Points on deposit with Interval International are not affected by the transition to RCI. However, to confirm an exchange, your Points must be valid in the Interval International system, and you must maintain an active Interval International membership through your date(s) of travel. After December 31, 2018, Welk Resorts Platinum Program Owners will be responsible for paying for their own membership with Interval International, should they choose to continue that exchange relationship.
Read More Can I transfer the Points I deposited with Interval International to use with RCI instead?
All deposits are considered a final transaction, and will remain deposited with Interval International. However, any future exchange requests can be made through RCI.
Read More If I own another timeshare, outside of Welk Resorts, that is also affiliated with Interval International and I have a merged Interval International membership, will my account be cancelled?
Please contact Interval International directly regarding your merged membership question.




1 These vacations are limited and subject to availability and your accessible Points balance. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply.

2 Extra VacationsSM getaway prices are based on a seven-night stay. You won’t have to exchange your vacation week or Points.

3 Prices for Last CallSM vacations are only available online.

4 The 10% discount does not apply to RCI Platinum member exclusive vacation offers.

5 Additional fees and restrictions may apply.