Debby Boone celebrates Rosemary Clooney at Welk Theatre

June 6, 2011 (Escondido, CA) — After a concert at the Palladium concert, Debby Boone: Reflections of Rosemary winds up at the Welk Theatre. For approximately two hours Boone demonstrates that she is so much more than the pop song which has defined her for much of her career – You Light Up My Life

The fact is, that the versatile Boone, has reinvented herself several times since following her famous father, Pat, into show business. Back in the 80's she sang country music and then later Christian music. Along the way she has also appeared in musicals as a singing actress and even co-authored children's books.

Now the Grammy award winning Boone has reinvented herself once more as a singer of jazz standards. Considering that she was mentored by the legendary Rosemary Clooney, her mother in law (Boone has been married to Clooney's son Gabriel Ferrer for over thirty years) it comes as no surprise that she has embraced and is performing a whole new genre of music.

Amazingly poised, and strongly connecting with the audience through her humor, warmth and natural ease, Boone sings the songs associated with Clooney (sung to her arrangements) and others. In between she shares fascinating stories and anecdotes related to her personal relationship with Clooney. Selections performed include "Come Back To Me;" "How Little We Know," and "I'm Waiting Just For You," by Carolyn Leigh, one of her favorite composers, "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," made famous by Frank Sinatra, who was also one of Clooney's favorite performers, Boone sang "You Are There," by David Frishberg & John Mandel. Closing the show with a flourish, she sang Cole Porter's, "From This Moment On."  

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